Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress plugin(V3.3)

This plugin Replaces the default WordPress editor with CKeditor 3.0.1.

CKeditor is an open source WYSIWYG text editor ,brings to the web much of the power of desktop editors like MS’s lightweight and is compatible with most internet browsers which include: IE 5.5+ (Windows), Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+.


  • Replace the default wordpress editor with CKEditor
  • Post comment with CKEditor to provide styled and colorful comments(Optional).
  • Build-in File manager and upload manager.
  • Build-in WordPress "read more" Button.
  • Control output format.
  • Customizable toolbar buttons
  • Integrated with WordPress media buttons:


  • Manage and insert Smileys into your post.
  • Customize editor’s skin.
  • …and more.

Download FCKEditor for wordpress


This plugin requires WordPress v.2.0 or later ( Tested on  2.8.4 too).

  1. unzip and upload the files into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin on your Admin Panel->Plugin Management page.
  3. Done,enjoy it.


Many thanks to all of you, who have encouraged me to update my articles  and code, and who sent in bug reports and fixes.

Revision History

  • version 3.3 (2009-10-29)
    • Customizable toolbar buttons.
    • Can using CKeditor as comment editor.
    • Configurable output formatting.
  • version 3.2(2009-10-26)
    • add support for wordpress’s ‘read more’ feature
  • version 3.1(2009-10-17)
    • work with the lastest version of CKEditor version 3.0.1
  • version 2.5.0(2008-10-7)
    • Upgrade FCKEditor to the newest version 2.6.3
    • Fixed the wpMore issue.
    • Integrated with WordPress media buttons
  • version 2.4.1 (2008-04-24)
    • Upgrade FCKEditor to the newest version 2.6.0
    • Fixed the wpMore issue.
  • version 2.3 (2008-01-03)
    • Upgrade FCKEditor to the newest version 2.5.1.
  • version 2.2 (2007-06-17)
    • upgrade FCKEditor to the newest version 2.4.3.
    • It is now possible to set the default target when creating links, with the new “Default Link Target” setting.
    • The new “Enable Firefox Spell Checker” setting is available, to enable/disable the Firefox built-in spellchecker while typing. Even if word suggestions will not appear in the FCKeditor context menu, this feature is useful to quickly identify misspelled words.
    • Remove the "FCKEditor" option tab from the write admin panel.this can prevent lower-level users to change the settings,thanks to Jeremiah Britt for the advice.
    • Fixed the problem that upload will be failed if there are no such path.
  • version 2.1 (2007-05-16)
    • fixed the problem that FCKEditor doesn’t load sometimes in editing mode.this can be occured due to the javascript conflict with some other plugins. thanks to Ataliano and Milan Tucek for the bug report.
    • a new option "Enable Post Preview" has been added to the option page.uncheck the checkbox to disable "post preview" feature provide by wordpress.this will make the write page rendering faster.
  • version 2.0 (2007-05-12)
    • Totally rewritten
    • Create your own smiles
    • Skin selector
    • Toolbar selector 
  • version 1.5 (2007-05-07)
    • wordpress "read more" feature supported.there is a new button that allow you to insert a "Read More…" link to your full entry when the post is displayed in a post list.
  • version 1.4
    • fix some jscript errors
  • version 1.3
  • version 1.2
    • fix upload problems reported by Andrew Crawford,many thanks for his great help.
    • fix jscript runtime error : ‘undefined’ when uploading images.
  • Version 1.1 
    • Build-in file manager and upload manager. 
  • Version 1.0 Initial Version.

1,549 thoughts on “Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress plugin(V3.3)”

  1. I have not modified FCKeditor in this version, so you can download the newest version of FCKeditor and overwrite the current one.this plugin just give me (or you) a nice starting point to writing with can modify it to fit your needs.

  2. hi,Aaron and Deborah:Thanks for your comments.

    I have updated this plugin to support file management,see the “Revision History” for more can download the newest version(1.1) to upload files.

  3. Dean,
    I have WP2.0.4 and Firefox and am having a problem seeing the text entry area. The toolbar shows up fine, but the text area doesn’t show up at all. When I try it out in MSIE 6.0.2800.1106, it works perfectly. The JavaScript console shows a long list of errors similar to this, too many to post in a comment, but here’s the first one. I’m running on Win2K if that matters, but I’ll try it again on WinXP when I get home. I’ll gladly e-mail you the rest if you need me to.

    Error: Unknown property ‘filter’. Declaration dropped.
    Source File:
    Line: 410

  4. Sorry for the double post. Upgraded to Firefox 2.0, and a lot of the errors went away, but the text area is still not showing up. Now the problems are all in one file, which is deans_fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/js/fckeditorcode_gecko.js
    and all errors are on lines 35, 43 and 48. I tried re-uploading the file, but it didn’t fix the problem. The errors are:
    “this.DOMDocument has no properties”
    “C has no properties”
    “this.editingArea has no properties”
    “A.submit is not a function”

  5. Tried the demo, works fine in Firefox. WinXP didn’t help the WP plugin though. I have no other plugins active, so not sure what I’m doing wrong. :(

  6. Run into two problems
    1. After installation there is no editor for the comment editting functionality. All there is, is a simple textarea.

    2. When disabling the plugin no icons are shown for the tinymce editor.

  7. I have the same problem as Mark. Running WP 2.0.5.

    Does the Filemanager folder have to be uploaded to the plugins folder too?


  8. Mark:
    1.this plugin doesn’t replace the default editor for comment,just replace the editor for post.
    2.if you can’t see the icons after deactivate,enable ‘Use the visual rich editor when writing” in your admin panel->users->Personal Options

  9. Ok, forget the uoload folder. How about the “FCKeditor is undefined” java error on post.php when I activate the plugin.

  10. Finially got it to work. Just make sure the plugins folder name is deans_fckeditor.

    All the functions are there but when editing an existing page all the formatting is lost in the editor window. The wp preview is fine. Any way to make the editor wysiwyg again?


  11. hi,Mike:

    the formating has not been lost.

    Because the FCKEditor has no information about your blog’s css file or page templates,so it looks not exactly like what you see in WP’s by design

  12. Do you know how to get quicktags to work with FCKeditor in WordPress. I see lots of plugins that use Quicktags. They work with the default WYSIWYG Editor, TinyMCE. But, I’ve not ran across anyone who shows how to add them to FCK.

    You can email me directly at info_at_newdrone dot com.


  13. Uploading problem: First of all, thank you so much for providing an awesome tool. I have the upload directory created to match the default in the plug-ins Options window, I CHMOD the folder to 777, I have uploading enabled, yet when I click on either of the Image buttons from the FCKEditor, I get a pop up with only a Cancel button and no directory nor image properties interface. I’m running Firefox 2.0 on an Intel Mac 10.4.8. Any suggestons?

  14. … in additon, I have no problem uploading files using WordPress’ upload feature. When I drag an image from the “Browse All” tab at the bottom of a blog or page posting/writing window, the image becomes broken as soon as I drop it into the FCKeditor. Sorry, I forgot to include that previously.

  15. This plugins breaks the “add event” dialog of Event Calendar 3 in the edit post screen.
    I have WordPress 2.0.5, widgets, Event Calendar 3.1, and this plugin.
    For some reason, the “add event” thing doesn’t work. When I click on the + button, no time/date dialog is displayed. Is looks as if some js would be disabled

  16. Third post and I’m hated the most! LOL! Something is definitely weird with the deans_fckeditor.js.php file. I could only customize the fckeditor’s interface (ex: change the skin/theme) by removing the php extension from the file, which also made the Browse button finally appear in my Image Upload popup. Too bad though I get a 403 error as BrowseServer() was attempting to look in the fckeditor/editor/dialog directory – no idea why as I set up my configuration for the recommended default settings. So I gotta fill in the image path manually for now. Big woop – thanks for the plug-in. It still rocks, regardless.

  17. I’m using EditorMonkey now with an older cut of FCKEditor on WordPress 2.0.2. I’m planning to upgrade to WP 2.0.5 soon, and because EditorMonkey is no longer maintained I started looking for a replacement – that’s what brought be here.

    I’m a little confused about what the installation requirements are for Dean’s plugin. Does it just install like a normal plugin and then attach to whatever separately installed installed of FCKEditor that we have?

    If it’s easy to swap the components I’ll go for it and provide feedback, but I’m concerned that once I deactivate EditorMonkey and upgrade FCKEditor that I’m going to be committed, and hopefully not screwed.

    I’m also deeply concerned about the inability to edit existing pages, which I do all the time now. I don’t understand how not being able to do so is “by design”. Can anyone comment?

    Thanks for your time, and Dean, thanks for your effort here.

  18. Starbuck:
    to install it,you just need to deactivate your editormonkey and active this plugin in your admin panel.that’s all.

    don’t fear to try it,you still can deactivate it later:)

  19. Thanks Dean. Forgive me for being confused by the major discrepancy between your “that’s all” encouragement and the Thrash4Life commentary. I think I’ll sit back and wait a while until more people have had a chance to comment.

    After this plugin is installed I’d still like to offer visitors the ability to enter some formatted content. This plain text area is definitely a downgrade from what we have available now. Life is full of tradeoffs…

  20. Hi, a have a problem with the tag of the original wordpress editor. If i press site change the fck adds his symbol, but there is no change in the site.

    Next problem, if i use the code function and type by hand one of my stories kill the theme. But only one storie does this. if you see the others working fine.

    Somebody knows?

  21. Hello. Great plugin! I am using a Newsletter plugin ( and I would like you use your great editor with that plugin. I made sure the script was loaded in the header: but nothing shows up above the text areas like expected. This works fine with the WP posts, so I know everything is set up properly on the standard install. Does the text area have to have a certain ID or something for this to work?

  22. Oh dear, my last post does not make sense as the html has been interpreted not escaped. I meant to say it is removing <p> tags but not any others. The bug I referred to was the Firefox only uses <br> feature.

  23. My problems are solved too. The storie that killed the theme if i inserted the tag had an in ist code. I deleted it and thats all.

    No Problems everything works fine with all browsers.

    Thanks Dean

  24. Hi there,

    I’m using your plugin, but once I’ve installed it i lost the button for “Read More” feature. I tried to put tag but it destroys all the main page theme. Any ideas?? I really need that option. Thanks.

  25. Hi,
    when i try to upload something to the site, after click the “send” button, i get the message “This file uploader is disabled”.. is there some problem? I have already enabled the upload in the option page.
    wp version is 2.0.4…

  26. Anyway to get the “send to editor” option in the wordpress file manager (upload/browse/browse all inframe below posting window) to work?

    Just gives some javascript errors.



  27. Dean: Great plugin. FCKEditor is so much functional than WP’s default.

    Have a slight incompatibility issue – it seems that this plugin is grabbing window.onload and causing problems with other plugins – namely event calendar 3.1 (

    Any suggestions (besides not using Calendar Event)?

  28. I’m surprised that people who like Dean’s effort aren’t already familiar with the EditorMonkey plugin. Sure, it’s no longer maintained but from the comments I’ve seen here it’s still far better than this new entry. I mean no disrespect, and I certainly have appreciation for someone’s initiative. But why does someone start doing travelling down a road with known bumps, pulling other people behind on the bumpy trail, when there’s already another smoother road that goes further than where this one takes them? Why not pick up maintenance of EditorMonkey which has already solved all of the problems that people are reporting here? If someone is concerned about lack of support for EditorMonkey, let’s face it, most plugins are supported by individuals and when that one person gets tired of maintaining their code people usually start looking for something else anyway. Well, that code is good as it is, so why not just use it? And for some talented programmer who feels a need to improve upon the wheel, start with one that already works. Sorry for going on, I’m just confused.

  29. Greetings
    Have installed and activated the plugin but FCKeditor nowhere to be seen; see text box only.
    If I uninstall it and set user to to rich text format then TinyMce comes back and works fine. I need text color, tables etc so would be really nice if I could get FCKeditor to work.
    Thank you.

  30. Hi,

    When uploading an image, the editor insists on creating a folder named Image under the folder I specify as the upload folder.

    1: How can I get it to uplaod all files right into the upload folder without creating another folder

    2: How can I change the name of that created folder to something-else


  31. I totally agree with Sturbuck: “I’m surprised that people who like Dean’s effort aren’t already familiar with the EditorMonkey plugin.” EditorMonkey is the best wysiwyg editor plugin ever. Unfortunately Raj couldn’t continue with the project, a shame. But I dont understand why you guys don’t just begin where Raj stopped. And as Sturbuck said again: “Sorry for going on, I’m just confused.” By the way, all the initiatives are very important in the open source field.

  32. Sorry to tell you but I see nothing in the text area, just a text box…also have enabled or disabled rich text editor…but makes no difference…cannot work.

  33. I’ve installed Dean’s FCKEditor plugin but I don’t know how to disable the default WorPress Text Editor. Is is still there, and upload options of the new editor are not activated.
    Can anyone helpe me about this problem?


  34. i cant see the file manager

    when in click insert image icon it will popup a window and that window suppose to have a button to launch file manager but the button isnt there

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  36. Dean, I have changed the spell check function to ‘SpellerPages’ in the fckconfig.js file and still get the prompt to download the iespell program. What should I do to change this?

  37. Hi there,
    I love the plugin but I’m having a rough time getting the file browser to work. I know the directory is writeable because I can upload files from a different plugin to it. When I open the insert image button I don’t get the upload tab. Is there a place where I can see an error log to see what’s going on? I’ve also tried using the default location (wp-content/uploads) but that didn’t work either.

  38. Thank you Dean for this great plugin!
    The editor is really good and the plugin is so easy to set up.

    However, I do have the file upload issue: there is no upload button on the image insertion screen.
    It acts just as the enable upload option was “false”, even though it is checked.

    Investigating further, I tried to add and remove buttons to the toolbar. The changes did not appear.

    So it seems that the custom configuration file is not loaded by FCKEditor, even though the plugin initialization is correct. Checking the source of the page confirms the settings of oFCKeditor.Config[“CustomConfigurationsPath”] to the correct, existing and accessible file deans_fckeditor_js.php.

    Can this be an issue with FCKEditor?

    The only workaround I have found is to hardcode the fckconfig.js directly.

    Thanks for any feedback you may have.

  39. Hi
    Thanks for your effort. I want to learn that we can put some code blocks with fck editor. Also, Can we place and tags with buttons?

  40. Hi, I too am having the problem that I cant revert back to the old editor. The icons are no where to be found. The check box for users should use rich editor is checked. Anyone figure this out? I cant get another wysiwyg editor to work either since deactivating this.

  41. The good news:
    I installed the FCKEditor plugin for wordpress and really enjoy using it. It is a great plugin. :)

    The bad news:
    I installed the WPG2 plugin that embeds wordpress and gallery. In so doing so, I could not figure out why the icon would not show up when writing a post or page….then I was told I needed to disable your plugin for it to work – I did that and it works now. :(

    Have you thought about adding a feature that will allow your editor plugin to work with the wpg2 plugin? Basically, it needs to allow for the g2image icon to show up when writing a post or page.

    Here is a link to the wpg2 plugin if you are interested.

    I miss using the FCKeditor. Have a great New Year!

  42. I too am having the problem that I cant revert back to the old editor. The icons are no where to be found. The check box for users should use rich editor is checked. Anyone figure this out?

  43. Problem with the rich editor option was with all the users exept the (first) administrator.
    Mine solution is simple: Delete all the users (only the users NOT their made content !!!) and create them again.
    The rich editor will work again for your users.

    The plugin for the FCK editor will fuck up the settings for all made users….

  44. I am SOOoooo happy I didn’t load this plugin. You folks have my sympathy. Let’s break this down. This plugin was released over two months ago and there hasn’t been an update since. There have been many calls for help but the author hasn’t responded for over a month. It seems to me like he’s lost interest and left you folks stuck with a plugin that you can’t uninistall. Perhaps he’s diligently banging out code and just too busy to respond to requests for free assistance. Perhaps the chinese authorities arrested him for being too westernized.

    Let this be a lesson to bloggers everywhere:
    – Don’t be someone’s alpha or beta site unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences. It’s best to let other people run the betas and work the bugs out, then join the fun when it’s safe to do so.
    – Don’t corrupt your primary blog with new software. Set up a new environment for testing. Copy your database in there, and see how it all works. When you’re comfortable, get a complete backup of your primary blog files, a backup of your database, and then install the new component. If something goes wrong you can recover.
    – Don’t assume that all blog plugins are functional, good, harmless, and/or that they can be uninstalled. Open Source freeware doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
    – Be particularly cautious with something that’s as critical as your Editor. If this were a plugin that you didn’t care about like RSS or random quote generator, then you might be able to turn it off, but without a functional editor you’re dead in the water and facing a full reload if you want to keep blogging.

    As with anything on the internet, caution is the best policy, and over-zealous installation of software you don’t understand is bound to get you into trouble.

    Sorry folks, but I saw this one coming right from the start. Note my caution in comments #29 and 33.

  45. This is like the best editor for WordPress that I have used anyway. Obviously because it utilizes the CKEditor. It would be perfect if I wasn’t having an problem as some above have noted where the upload button doesn’t show up and there is no browse server button either. I have one wp install where it IS working though and have tried to see what is different but no luck. It sound slike others have had a similar thing but … weird. I think this plugin solves the problem of many of the limitations of the other editors. Would appreciate any help..
    Cheers people.

  46. It looks like there is definitely a problem with uploads. The “This file uploader is disabled” message seems to be appearing because the $user_level variable has no value at that point in upload.php. Forcing the var to be something higher than 3 gets you to a success message but, it doesn’t actually upload the file. I’m not sure I have time to troubleshoot this all the way to the end. Dean, are you there?

  47. Okay, after a little additional investigation I think I have a solution for everyone having file upload problems.

    There are two problems keeping the uploads from working. First, the method being used to see if the current user has sufficient privileges to upload files is deprecated in WP 2.0+. So, the variable being checked does not exist and thus the check always fails. To fix this, replace line 16 in filemanager/upload.php. Replace this:

    if ( !$fck_config[‘Enabled’] || $user_level

  48. (Continued)
    … with this:

    if ( !$fck_config[‘Enabled’] || if !current_user_can(‘upload_files’) )

    For good measure, you should probably replace the same check on line 9 of filemanager/connector.php the same way.

    Second, the file manager does not appear to be able to create subdirectories under the uploads directory on its own. I created a sub-folder named Image. As with the uploads folder itself, the permissions need to be set on the Image sub-folder so that the web server user can write to it. Depending on what other types of files you will be uploading, you may need to add other subdirectories.

    I am using WP mu but, this fix should work for WP 2.0+ users, too. I am not a WP programmer. So, I can’t swear this is the right way to do this or make any guarantees. I would normally just send an email to the author and let him post the fix but, it looks like a lot of people are having this problem and the author is unavailable. So, I am leaving it here in the comments.

  49. Hi Dean!

    I checked out your plugin, and it works fine! It helps me a lot. Many thanks, and a big respect. :)

  50. I love this plugin!

    It works on the admin section of but i cant seen to load it on

    not sure whts the reason why this plugin wont load.

  51. How can one undo installation/activation of this rich editor?

    Deactivated it because I didn’t like it, and now the editor has some ugly [b][i] etc buttons.

  52. Great plugin! Seems to work OK in 2.1 (ELA) version too.
    Some people are asking about deactivate it. To do this, go to the user management and set the advanced editor option on.

  53. hi dean
    i am reza from iran and dont know english …
    i use wp 2.1
    when i active dean_fckeditor i cant use it
    editor dont show in my post area
    why ???

  54. I use WordPress 2.1

    After installing the editor, when using it to enter a hyperlink to the marked section of text via the hyperlink button I get a script error saying “Error in line 606 of …/wp-content/plugins/deans_fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/dialog/fck_link.html In column 19 ‘}’ expected.”
    This bug prohibits the use of this plugin.
    Anybody encountered this?
    Unfortunately deactivating the plugin leaves ugly buttons (see comment 85).

    What to do?

  55. The editor is very nice!
    I use WP 2.1 and it’s working well with the latest version of the plugin, no errors.
    The only thing where I have trouble is the filebrowser. There is no button or so to use it.
    The hack described in comment 75/76 doesn’t work, because the code is an other at the described lines:
    if ( !$fck_config[‘Enabled’] ||
    ((function_exists(‘current_user_can’) && !current_user_can(‘upload_files’)) || (isset($user_level) && $user_level

  56. (Continuing from comment 93:)
    = 3)))
    SendError( 1, ‘This connector is disabled.’ ) ;

    Sorry for my two 0-byte-posts. It seems that it’s not allowed to use angle brackets in comments (there must be one before the = 3)))
    Please fix that error so that users can use all features of your brilliant WP-plugin!

    Kind regards from Germany

  57. Hi Dean,
    I love your WYSIWYG editor, count myself very blessed to have come across this plugin.
    The only problem is the upload function does not seem to work with WP v2.1,
    are you looking into this as I am sure you are already aware of this.

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
    Thank You!

  58. Hi,

    I’m trying to get this to work with WordPress’s own file manager. It seems to lose the path when dragging files to the FCKEditor – any ideas?


  59. I’ve installed your plugin on my website.

    When I have to create a new link, I must select the text, and write the link by myself.

    The problem is that if I want to insert a link to to an inner page (in example I have to write completely the link.

    Do you think is it possibile modify your plugin showing all blog articles and all pages in order to select one of those without writing the entire link?

    If this feature will be possible, I’d like to extend that including my flickr tags list in order to seplify the link insertion for a set of tag (with falbum).

    I hope you’ll be helpful


    Davide Taibi

  60. Hi there.

    That would be great (showing post/pages for easier linking), but then, not even the default editor (TinyMCE) does this, so…

    Anyway, this works great in WP2.1 (from my experience), and I’ve added the hack from comments 99/100, which, in my opinion, should be integrated in fckeditor… I couldn’t even delete the files using http://FTP...

    Moving on, fckeditor as release version 2.4… Are you thinking of releasing a new version of the plugin with this new version?

    Thanks for this great plugin.

  61. Thank you. Been struggling with TinyMCE and simply couldn’t edit an article twice without it trying to quote html code literally and having to manually fix it each time. This plugin works great!

  62. hi,
    I’m using WP 2.1, and when I wanted to send images that I uploaded to WP before (old WP 2.1 image resizer and uploader) it doesn’t work. you know WP 2.1’s image uploader to posts. it send resized iömages to TinyMCE but when I use FCK editor it doen’t. what could be the problem. thanks…

  63. I was using this editor very happily until I clicked yes to the latest update on Firefox on a Mac.
    Now the editor does not show at all!
    Anyone experiencing the same problem? I am desperately seeking solutions…
    Thank You!

  64. I’m very interested in this plug-in. Does anyone know if it works with all latest releases (WP 2.1.1 and FCKeditor 2.4)? It’s described above as “[replacing] the default WordPress editor with FCKeditor 2.3.2″…

  65. I cannt seem to get your FCKeditor to load at all with WordPress 2.1 … it just refuses to show up, even though I have my wysiwyg turned off in my profile.

    Any advice on this?

  66. After the wordpress upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2
    I couldnt see my visual editor :S so i looked for fckeditor and Dean …u saved the day :) !!

  67. To pute:

    我在 WP 2.1发行后的几天内针对此插件进行过测试,可以正常使用。

    由于目前发现了一个和WP 1.5的兼容问题,我会在针对WP 1.5以上的版本进行一次完整测试后给出一个正式的版本支持列表。

  68. for some reason the image insert does not seem to work. When I browse for an image on my hard drive and upload it, it says image has been uploaded, but it doest show up on the workspace.

    when I go to source and manually post the image code it shows up fine.

    I have wp 2.04

    how can I fix it.


  69. Hi Dean,
    We’re using W2.1 and the FCKeditor. When we type a misspelled word it has the red underline, yet the [abc] button is not functional. What am I missing?

  70. Dean, l also installed it into wp, thanks very much for that, l need an advice, l want to add a button into this fck editor, like the default editor comes with wp, “spilit post with more tags (alt+t)”. How can l integrate it into fck ? or is there already l couldnt see ????
    thanks for ur support.

  71. Dean is it possible to ad a **more** button in it ? so i can slit the news in 2 parts ? It works great already

  72. Hi –

    Thank you very much! I’ve been using the Editor Monkey Plugin from Raj Prasad for a very long time by now and i didn’t wanted to loose my beloved FCKEditor just because of switching to WP2.1…

    Just one or two recomendations:

    – Imho lots of users (incl. me) would kiss your feet if they could switch the default FCKEditor skin in your option pane
    – EditorMonkey allowed to use FCKEditor while editing comments – Would be cool if you could include that too
    – You have disabled one of the coolest features (FCKConfig.DisableFFTableHandles = true;) by default?

    Greets from Salzburg,


  73. Hi,

    I’ve upgraded my WordPress sites to WP 2.12 and I’ve noticed that the sites on PHP 4.3 are working fine and well when FCKEditor 2.4 is activated, but those on PHP 5.01 cannot even load properly.

    I suppose there need to be some time before we can have a version that fully supports PHP 5.

  74. Hey guys,

    You should know that FCKeditor is NOT compatible with WordPress plugins that interface with the rich editor. WordPress hard-coded in the interface based on the TinyMCE API, which is why dragging and dropping files/pictures doesn’t work.

    Uploads might not work if folder permissions are not set correctly. Make sure to set your upload folder to Chmod 777.

  75. I’ve installed your mod and the activation page is displayed correctly in the admin panel, but when activated I get a message saying there was an error loading the fckeditorcode_gecko.jg file. I’m using wp-united’s phpbb integration mod with wordpress. As far as I can tell the permissions in the folder, and the folder names are correct. I simply expanded your download and copied it onto the site in the plugins directory. Any ideas?

  76. Works great in IE7 for me. In FF ( the editor loads only for *new* posts. The editor will not load when editing an existing post. It’s boggling me because all the page code is the same, the same javascript files are called, and the init function is the same… This is not a problem in IE7.

  77. Hello Dean.
    I can’t get the editor to show up when writing new posts or new pages: I only get the title and article textareas but no toolbars.
    I tried the plugin both in FF and in IE 7.
    What can I do?

  78. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for your great plugin. I installed to my WP 2.1, it work all perfect, however, when I upload an image to server it give me a message box show that:
    “The server didn’t send back a proper XML response
    Request URL: here it shows the url to the connector/asp/connector.asp?…”
    I don’t know why it use asp while WP is php.

    If possible, can you help me in this?

    Thank you ;)

  79. Hi,
    there’s an incompatibility between Ultimate Tag Warriors and Deans FckEditor.

    To resolve the problem, you have to search and replace the variable $install_directory with $deans_install_directory. Apply this changes on the 3 files in the plugin folder: config.php, deans_fckeditor.php, deans_fckeditor_js.php

    Hope this can help,

  80. hello dean, While activating the newer version of your plugin (1.3) it sets my option to use the visual editor off, and when i go to my profile to put it back on it stills stay off. my WP is 2.1.3 So i hope this is a easy problem to solve, i’ll try to put the old plugin on, and come back here if i’ve got news.
    but i would still like to thank you for bringing the WP community plugins ^^

  81. Hi Dean,

    Sorry to bring this up but I just cannot get this to work. I’ve spent two days of sheer frustration trying to get this much needed plugin to work. I’m using WP 2.1.3.

    Using the test page I constantly get (errno=13 – Permission denied) … from upload.php on line 97 AND Permission denied … in upload.php on line 105 AND Unable to move … from upload.php on line 105 AND (errno=13 – Permission denied) in … from upload.php on line 107.

    I’ve tried adding file type permissions to the arrays, chmoding the uploads directories to 777 and making absolutely certain that all the configs are correct. What I need is a clear, step-by-step installation guide because clearly there just isn’t enough guidance for knucklheads.

    If the symptoms point to an obvious error or oversight on my part please shout it out.


  82. Hey guy’s,

    Ive installed the plugin, and it works wonderful without errors, but ive saw that the “more” tag doesnt exist so i decided to deactivate the plugin and use the tiny editor again to see the “more” tag, but there’s nomore a tinymce editor this plugin destoyed it : (, so what i want to ask is how i can fix that the tinymce editor is still on my server but he dont load when i want to write…
    Please help me, and sorry for my bad english ; )

  83. Hi dude’s,

    How i can add the ‘more..’ button its the onliest thing i missed in youre plugin ; )

  84. Hi. I’m new to WP and was about to give it the flick until I found this fantastic little plugin. The only problem I have is that when I access the admin control panel via, all is good and the editor renders correctly, but when I try to load it via a dynamic subdomain, FCK renders partially without the actual formatting buttons. However, you can still depress the space where the button ‘would’ be. I hope that makes sense. Does anybody know where the code is that I could modify to get this to work with subdomains? Thanks kindly. Marty.

  85. hi Dean lee.


  86. I install FCKeditor on Fedora Core 5.Wordpress tells:plugins install normal.When I write new article FCKeditor not appears,only blank textarea.Please help.
    Sorry for english.

  87. hi Three:




  88. 是,那个可视化编辑器的复选框之前没有被选中.

  89. Sorry, I don’t speak english very good… I’ve a problem with the “read more” button. Where can I replace the default code that the plug-in insert?


    the code must be just:

    I’m doing the “more” link manually now, but I’m not the unique editor of my site and I need to fix that bug…

    Do you understand me?

    Sorry for my english…



    hey guys, you don’t really need the more button!!!

    Use this “really fast” method:

    When you’ve finished writing your article, click on Source (top left) to edit the html.
    Spot where your article should be stopped on the front page and add in the code !!!

    The really uncool thing about that is that it won’t be visualized. But it still works fine.

    I hope i helped…

  91. Dean forgive me… but i just can’t get the code i’m trying to give to people complaining about the “more” button to work. here it is one more time.
    here it is:

    put “!–more–” between a ‘less than’ sign and a ‘more than’ sign, just like any html tag.

  92. Hi. I can’t get the buttons on FCK to work with a subdomain (althought the box appears and the button descriptions appear when you scroll over where they would be). Anybody have any clues how to correct this? I posted this a couple of days ago but it doesn’t seem to be here.

  93. I just downloaded the FCKEditor and followed the directions. It still does not appear in the PlugIn section or under any classifications of the blog. I moved it from the wp-content/uploads to wp-content/plug-ins. No go. What can I do to make it appear?

  94. I’m not sure what did the trick but without doing anything other than wait it’s functioning. :-)

  95. I have been using the Event Calendar. Now that I installed FCKeditor I can’ use any longer. Is there some hidden function, which I havn’t found yet? Is it impossible to use both plugins together?

    Rest works mighty fine and I hope to have a longe friendship with FCKeditor.

  96. I would really really need a MORE button: I admin a multiuser blog and many users don’t know anything about HTML code. Is it difficult to implement? Or can you give me a small hint for doing it myself?
    Thanks. :)

  97. upload problems….solved

    go Dean’s plugin folder…then go into the filemanager folder, open up the following files in your HTML editor, upload.php and connector.php

    upload.php – line 16 – REPLACE

    if ( !$fck_config[’Enabled’] ||
    ((function_exists(’current_user_can’) && !current_user_can(’upload_files’)) || (isset($user_level) && $user_level 1)))
    SendResults( ‘1′, ”, ”, ‘This file uploader is disabled.’ ) ;

    Do the same for Line 9 in connector.php. If your folder permissions are correct on your uploads folder you are sorted.


  98. upload problems….solved

    go Dean’s plugin folder…then go into the filemanager folder, open up the following files in your HTML editor, upload.php and connector.php

    upload.php – line 16 – REPLACE
    upload problems….solved

    go Dean’s plugin folder…then go into the filemanager folder, open up the following files in your HTML editor, upload.php and connector.php

    upload.php – line 16 – REPLACE

    “upload problems….solved

    go Dean’s plugin folder…then go into the filemanager folder, open up the following files in your HTML editor, upload.php and connector.php

    upload.php – line 16 – REPLACE

    if ( !$fck_config[‘Enabled’] ||
    ((function_exists(‘current_user_can’) && !current_user_can(‘upload_files’)) || (isset($user_level) && $user_level 1)))
    SendResults( ‘1’, ”, ”, ‘This file uploader is disabled.’ ) ;

    Do the same for Line 9 in connector.php. If your folder permissions are correct on your uploads folder you are sorted.


  99. Hi,
    I’m wondering why there are 2 filemanager folders: one in the plugin folder, one in the fckeditor folder.
    Can we get rid of one?
    Can we get rid of the non-PHP connector folders?

  100. I’ve tried the (less than) !-more- (greater than) thing and it won’t work. I am very fluent with HTML and definitely know what a “opening bracket” !-more- “close bracket” is. I enter it in the ‘source’ of my blog post, and hit save, and it never shows up (but when I go back it added a few more dashes in somehow). I tried it many times, and each time it seems to add a few dashes of it’s own inside the brackets. I delete them all and try again, press save, and still no good.

    I love this plugin but I have to have a ‘more” feature as my posts are very long and drawn out sometimes.

  101. Hi guys,

    Is there meantime a solution for the “More-tag” problem ?
    I really love and enjoy this plugin but the i miss the more tag i always have to write this tag, im tired of that -.-, please add this button to youre plugin. big thx ; )

  102. Hi! I am having great difficulties getting either FCKEditor or TinyMCE (with addons to make it like FCKEditor) to work with WordPress 2.1.3.

    Everything worked fine prior to the recent upgrade to 2.1.3. Now FCKEditor simply will not install. I have FTP’d it to the WordPress …/wp-content/plugins/deans_fckeditor/ directory and have activated the plugin via the WordPress plugins menu. It makes no difference whether the user profile is set to use the ‘rich text editor’ or not, FCKEditor does not appear when I edit or create a page or post. In a “Write Page” page I get a ‘Page Title’ field and underneath I get a ‘Page Content’ text area field with neither FCKEditor buttons or Quicktags buttons.

    Any thoughts please, this is a project that we have just begun and cannot continue without a functioning wysiwyg editor.


  103. Hi peter:

    I’m using wordpress version 2.1.3.and this plugin works fine for me.

    If this error persists,Try the following steps :
    1. deactive it from your admin panel.
    2. delete all plugin files from …/wp-content/plugins/deans_fckeditor/ directory.
    3. re-upload the newest version of this plugin.
    4. active it again.

  104. hi Olivier:

    many thanks for your great job!

    I can’t open your page,maybe it’s a network problem.can you do me a favor mail it to me.and I’ll add it to this page after some review.

    thank you again!

  105. Hi guys,

    Im having the exact same problem as peter mentioned and I deactivated, deleted and re-installed. I have yet to upload everything to the server, still working locally. Could this be the problem?

    Just as peter mentioned this is a new project and the clients are wysiwig office folk, we need this before handing over the development.

  106. Has anyone answered Christian Tran’s connector.asp question from March 28, 2007? I have the same problem. No such file exists in v1.4.

  107. Hi guys,
    I am using latest version (v1.4) this great plugin, but I have one problem: When I am writing new post, everything is OK until save post as koncept. Then FCKEditor is hide and text of post is viewed as source code. It same is when I am editing exist post :-(
    I am very sad about it. Do you know everyone help mi? Thank you very much.


  108. Dean, PLEASE!!!!! can you fix the problem with the plugin loading whenever it wants to. Sometimes it load and sometimes it does not want to load,


  109. hi whatever:
    I have checked the code,but i found nothing wrong.
    I have changed the directory structure of this plugin.remove dot from path name.I hope that will solve your problem.
    you can download the neweset version (v1.5) and try it again,if it still can’t work on your server,please mail me ,it will be great help if you can tell me your blog’s address,and your account info.

    thanks for your comments.

  110. Just loaded 1.5 and I’m encountering a problem. The file in question is “wpmore/fckplugin.js.” As such the “wpmore” button/feature isn’t able to load. Not a big deal. I’ve check and the path seems ok and the file is definitely present on the server.

    – Matt

  111. Hey! It may be a problem with LETTER CASE using ‘more’ button:

    At some places, the source code uses ‘wpmore’, but the folder is called ‘wpMore’. I’m not sure if this is a general problem, but I have changed it and now it works for me :)

  112. Dean, the new update did not solve my problem, these are the error that I get on the Firefox error console. When I first loaded it, it was not working on any browser, now its working with IE7 but it started working by itself after an hour or so and it will stop working by itself too, this it what it always does, and, before your ask, yes I’ve cleared the cache on my browsers, I do this every single time I try something new with this plugin but it does not work. Here are the errors.

    Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to set property Window.FCK_STATUS_NOTLOADED

    Error: FCKConfig has no properties
    Source File:
    Line: 28

    Error: FCKBrowserInfo has no properties
    Source File:
    Line: 58

    Error: FCKConfig has no properties
    Source File:
    Line: 32

    Error: FCK has no properties
    Source File:
    Line: 96

    Error: FCKLang is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 112

    Error: FCKBrowserInfo has no properties
    Source File:
    Line: 182

    Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property Window.FCKeditorAPI

    Please DEAN help me, I am really desperate, thanks!

  113. Dean thanks a lot for your help, It did solve the problem. I read that somewhere before, and I realized that I was logging in with the www when my site did not have the www under the wordpress configuration, so I logged in without the www and it did not work, that is why I did not pay much attention to it, now what I did was add the www to the site’s url under wordpress and that did it. Now like jordisan said, the MORE button is not working, I am to follow his suggestion to see if that fixes it.
    Once again thanks a lot for your help.

  114. ok I fixed the WP_More button, there is an error on the file:

    Right at the end of the file at the line before the last (line 47)
    owpMore.IconPath = FCKConfig.PluginsPath + ‘wpmore/images/more.gif’;

    That wpmore in the path should be wpMore so the lime should look like this:
    owpMore.IconPath = FCKConfig.PluginsPath + ‘wpMore/images/more.gif’;

    After that the more button works like a charm, hope this helps.

  115. yes,whatever.I have fixed it,and can you do me a favor to test it on your server please? I just updated it a few minutes ago.

  116. Dean (and ‘whatever’),

    I am looking after several existing WordPress based websites ( and doing R&D on local machines (Windows XP and Ubuntu). Since my original post to this forum I have totally reinstalled XAMPP and WordPress (2.1.3) and the very latest (5 minutes since download) copy of your FCKEditor plugin. STILL I cannot seem to activate the plugin. There are some other relevant issues:

    1. With your plugin activated I cannot set my profile to use the Rich Text Editor (the tick box is unsellected and will not accept a tick after updating settings.

    2. Un-activate your plugin and tick the Rich Text Editor setting (which now works) and the default TinyMCE editor works fine.

    3. Install the advanced-wysiwyg plugin and requird files and I loose the Rich Text Editor again.

    4. In desparation I purchased and downloaded wysiwygPro and it works just fine. While this is an option for my own website it is not an option (because of cost) for the not-for-profit websites I am working on.

    Any thoughts please.


  117. Dean,

    Just a quick update! While I can’t get the latest plugin to work locally I though I would try it on one of our “secondary” websites – bugger me! It now works there.

    What ever you have done, thanks! Working locally is not such an issue but it would be nice.


  118. Dean, I did what you told me. I deactivated the old one, I erased it off the server and uploaded the new 1.5.2 version and it works just fine. One question though is there any way to make the new plug in start at the begging of the page instead of starting were you left reading? The reason I say this is because if people click on my “READ MORE” and starts where they left reading then they will skip my ads which are at the beginning of the article. Let me know, thanks.

  119. hi i’m using WordPress 2.1.3 and recently activated your Plugin FCKEditor 2.4.2

    I am having all sorts of issues here. Mainly, and most important, I tried deactivating it, and the original TinyMCE editor of WordPress now does not work… I only can post in code now, so I’m guessing something got messed up in the middle somwhere. How do I unisntall your plugin and leave the original editor back like it was before? This is for a client and I need to get this fixed ASAP so any help is appreciated.


  120. I don’t get the fancy new Read More button.

    Neither Firefox nor IE7 shows it.

    IE7 gives an error:

    ‘Unknown toolbar item “UniversalKey”‘

  121. Richard, that issue was fixed by Dean, the initial version 1.5 had a bug, just download the new version 1.5.2

  122. I got a problem with this plugin. Actually I’m using WordPress 2.1.3 and I got an issue, is that when I writte an entry (new, or page) it goes pretty well, loads the FCK and no problem.

    But If I press Save and continue writting (or editing), the FCK don’t loads, and also if I save one entry, and after, I want to edit it using the administrate and selecting the entry, the FCK don’t loads also.

    So It only works when I use it writting something new, but don’t work when editting something…

    Do you know what may happen?

    Thanks, and Thanks for the plugin :D

  123. Hi,
    I just found this, and it’s exactly what I needed. However, in MacOSX/Mozilla 1.7.12, WP2.1.1 – Manage->Pages->edit mode, the pre-existing content text I want to edit does not display in the text field. Was OK in Firefox 2 and Safari 2.0.4. The text is pre-existing before I installed your plugin. I can see it when the page is rendering, but when the text field displays nothing is in it.

    Thanks much

  124. Hi….and thank you for this plugin.
    I messed around with tinyMCE a lot and had so many problems (linebreaks, etc.) – with FCK it is much easier to write.

    I have some questions/suggestions:
    I would like to add a different skin and a custom toolbar, how and where can I do that?
    Where can I control the size (width) of the FCK editor – at the moment it seems it is not set to 100% ?

    The suggestion for the next version would be to implement an upload tool for new skins and a “creation” tool for styling the toolbar – or just a seperate file where to hardcode those settings.

  125. Thanks correcting the edit problem.

    Some suggestions:

    – A template editor
    – Permit to customize the tool bar (removing tools) in wordpress

    Continu the good work your plugin is very usefull.


  126. With WordPress 2.2 and no plugins activated except FCKEditor- Plugin the FCKEditor doesn’t load. :-(

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  128. Hello Dean,

    You plugin rocks ! Thanks !

    Unfortunately, I can’t access to the “code” view of my article or my page when I am using Fckeditor.

    Thus, I am not able to use the quicktags generated by the other plugins I installed.

    Is there any turnaround ?

  129. hey dean,
    your plugin is exactly what i was looking for, thank you a lot.

    all works well other then:
    when i align an image or picture to the right lets say, and put the text beside it (not underneath it,
    it floats out of the post area, messing things up quite bad.

    the blog is in very much testing stages at this time but you can see what im talking bout here:

    is it me or you ? :)

  130. Love your plugin.

    One problem though: I have a user that just upgraded to Windows Vista and now FCKEditor won’t load. Gives a Javascript Syntax error on line 2; char 1 on page-new.php
    Followed by a Permission denied error on Line 26
    and then ‘FCKConfig’ is null or not an object.

    We had Dean’s 1.2 installed first; I upgraded to 2.1 and it still doesn’t load. IE7

    He can run FCK Editor through Chenpress; and run FCK Editor on other nonWord Press applications.

  131. I have uploaded the fckeditor editor to my ftp in the /wp-content/plugins folder.
    So it looks like /wp-content/plugins/fckeditor and all the files are in that root.

    However the plugin does not show up within my Plugin Management within wordpress.

    I have logged in and out, deleted from the ftp the fckeditor folder, reuploaded it, refreshed pages, cleared cookies…

    No matter what, the plugin will not show up under the Plugin Management page.

    Please help.

    Here is a screen capture of what I am looking at:

  132. Boy I feel lame.
    I’m getting one error only:
    “Error: FCKeditor is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 271″

    And I have no idea how to fix it. All the plugin files are at / and I’ve disabled all other plugins without luck. I must be missing something, and I’m here to ask for some guidance :)

    The lines of code are:
    271: function _deans_fckeditor_load(){
    272: var oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor( ‘content’ ) ;

    So apparently I’m missing a class or something. Yes/No?

  133. continuing to love your plugin (the advance pix options really came through for me)

    just an offer for your next ver, a direction=right to left button.

    u have no idea (i assume) how much this will help the middleast ppl
    (we suffer enough anyways :) )

    im adding it manually now in the code, but if one doesnt know the code…
    your editor i think does not agree with my general template page code on this…..
    it can be very frustrating.

  134. How can I remove the FKEditor tab from the Write admin panel? It already exists in the options panel and I don’t want lower-level users to be able to change the settings (it shows up for Authors as well as Admins).


  135. Crud. Sorry for the double post. I also noticed that authors can’t see the skinned toolbars nor the very useful “WordPress More” button.

  136. Well…thanks for this great wordpress plugin as now i can write new post faster within my wordpress V2.2.

    Thanks Dean Lee for this plugin :)

  137. Thank you very much.

    I am using WordPress 2.2 and this plugin is working fine.


  138. I’m using Dean’s FCKEditor 2.2 with WordPress 2.1.3 on a Mac Intel running 10.4.10. The editor works well, but the new feature for enabling the Firefox spell checker doesn’t work. The Firefox spell check works fine in any other text field except the main blog editor text field.

  139. I have recently looked for exactly this plugin in the plugin repository, and as I have not found one, I have decided to start developing an own plugin replacing TinyMCE by FCKeditor. When I announced that I started working on the plugin on my blog, someone told me that there already is such a plugin (namely yours). You really should consider hosting your plugin on so that it can be found by a large number of people. As it doesn’t make much sense to have two plugins doing exactly the same, I will discontinue the development of my own plugin, but I had included a feature that lets you use the “preview” toolbar button instead of the wp “view” link to preview the post in the final context of the page. If you are interested in including this feature in your plugin, feel free to contact me, I will send you the sources that accomplish this.

  140. Thanks for the update. You offer great functionality for free AND listen to the complaining masses.

  141. I am using the newest version 2.4.3 with WP 2.2. When I edit in FCK I see the bulletted list correctly but when I click save and view articles its showing something else.

    Issue with bulletted list ?

  142. I love the FCKeditor. I have tried several and this is the only one that works for me without hiccups. Since I am new at this could you tell me how to change the skin to office 2003? I thought there would be a button on the toolbar. In researching this it looks like I need to change some code. Please let me know the steps to take. I will do my best to understand it.

    Thanks in advance.


  143. Hey,

    Whenever I go to and from “source” edit, all non-html statments (e.g. statments, comments etc. ) are erased. Is there any way to keep them in the source of the post?


  144. I have a new version of wordpress installed.. I have unzipped that plugin in wp-content/plugins directory, but the plugin doesn’t show up in plugins in wordpress admin page.. How to fix it?

  145. Hi, Can anyone point me in the directon of how to enable the file manager / upload? … upload files (as opposed to uploading just images or flash) I can’t even see a button for doing it. Is there documentation on how to enable it or am I missing something?
    Using WP 2.2.1

  146. Hello,

    I’ve got a problem with the image upload ; Everything was fine in local developement but I transfer it and now when I try to upload, it seems to process but finally, the image doesn’t appear in the list (and no error occur).
    I try to reactivate the plugin and re-update settings but still nothing
    Is someone can you help me please …

  147. Great Plugin! But is there a way to customize the toolbar? I’ve tried editing fckconfig.js and custom_config_js.php and it initially worked but now the editor won’t load. No error message, just a blank space where the editor should be. I just want to remove some of the buttons from the Default toolbar…


  148. hi amoi:

    你可以自己上传喜欢的表情符号到服务器上,然后打开控制面板->options->fckeditor。在Store smiles in this folder:下面的输入框里输入新的表情符号的文件夹路径,再点击Rebuild smile cache即可。

  149. Hi, first of all your plugin is the best available out there. Now my question: where is the upload button for files? I can’t find it .. only flash and image upload is possible.

  150. I like the editor very much, but When I swith the plugin on, I loose two other plugin’s in the toolbar from the editor:
    – wordtube (for movies)
    – wp-table ( for preformatted tables)

    If I switch to the internal wp2.2 editor, the two buttons show up in the toolbar

    How can I add again the buttons in the toolbartoolbar?

  151. FckEditor not showing up. It installed successfully and I changed for the Office skin to show, but it won’t. I am using Opera to run it.

  152. Dean, please note that the we shoul copy the folder “fckeditor_for_wordpress” of the zipped file “” to /wp-content/plugins/ , not the contents of that folder or else we’ll get a “fatal error”

  153. Hi, great and powerful plugin, thank you :)

    But I have one problem and one question : first problem is I’m using Image Manager and the icon doesn’t show anymore in fckeditor, so I can’t use this plugin and this is a big issue. Is there a way I could add the Image Manager Icon to the editor? This is very important.

    My question is about customizing the editor and add an icon or a css. Is is possible? Thx a lot for your help.

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  155. I can’t seem to save settings. Every time I click on Submit, it will bring me back to the default admin page.

  156. Following the advice of someone in the WordPress forum I installed this plugin because my editor wasn’t working in wordpress and I was having trouble posting. After installing and activating the plugin, the toolbar doesn’t show up is this a common problem?


  157. Sounds like a great editor, but I have a problem. I uploaded fkeditor_for_wordpress folder into my plugins directory, but nothing new shows up on my plugins page. I tried reloading and clearing the cache, but that did not change the situation.

  158. Hi,

    I installed this editor as a plugin to my word press but I m having problem using its “insert image’ toolbar button. when I click on Insert image button on the toolbar a new window opens up from where I can browse the server for the image. when I click on the ‘Browse Server’ button on the new window , another window opens up that gives me the ‘page not found’ error.
    The error is coming because its going to wrong folder for the ‘browse.html’ file. I checked that the folder ‘filemanager’ is moved to the upper level in the plugin but the ‘browse server’ button code still looking for the file in the old location.
    Could you please check and let me know what I have to do to resolve this issue?


  159. Seems to work with 2.3!!
    This is the best WYSIWYG editor for WP hands down.

    Thanks for your efforts!!! Kudos!!!

    Once I test a little more I’ll send a donation :-)

  160. Has anyone experienced a bug with WordPress and the FCKEditor in which TinyMCE is still displayed below FCKEditor after the FCKEditor plugin has been actived? I’ve seen the bug in Firefox on both PCs and Macs, but it seems to be much more prevalent on Macs. You can still edit posts successfully using the FCKEditor, but it has caused some confusion among my users. This bug has led to a few lost posts as users were writing into TinyMCE instead of FCKEditor. We are currently using WordPress 2.0.5 and plan to upgrade to 2.3 next week, with hopes that an upgrade solves the problem. A screenshot can be found at Thanks

  161. Maybe a stupid question but if I install this plugin. Will my RSS feed keep the same font and font size? I now have the problem that if I edit something in a post my feed after I first publish it the font changes to a terrible and almost unreadable small font.

  162. I’ve been using this plugin for a while with no problem, then one day, I started to get this error. I did not upgrade or make any other changes that I am aware of then I started getting the same error as Timo: “This connector is disabled”

    I did not see any reply to his question – I love using this in WordPress though – any ideas? Anything I can change to fix this?

  163. Is there an “easy” way to remove the form elements on the post/page edit screens related to graphic upload?

    This feature seems to be turned off when FCKeditor is installed and active.

  164. I just…
    Love you! :D

    I’m using, happily, a theme called blogxpress 2.0…
    It’s quite innovative and cool…
    I’d like to use fckeditor in comments…
    Do you think is possibile with your plugin?

  165. It seem that the plugin sets the “use WYSIWYG-editor” option in wordpress (even if it looks unselected in the user option page), which make WP mess up PHP-code I write in a post or page.
    I’ve used the ChenPress FCKeditor v2.1.1. plugin before, and that works fine with php-code in the post with WYSIWYG option of. Any ideas how to fix this? Would be great so I could upgrade to this FCK!

  166. I can’t get the file manager to work it says permission denied when attempting to upload anything, where does it browse for files exactly so I can change the permissions?

  167. Great Plugin! Has anyone been able to answer Gregs question from September 29:

    “Has anyone experienced a bug with WordPress and the FCKEditor in which TinyMCE is still displayed below FCKEditor after the FCKEditor plugin has been actived? ”

    I’m having the same issue. Could it have to do with the fact that I’m running WordPressMU?


  168. Regarding:

    “Has anyone experienced a bug with WordPress and the FCKEditor in which TinyMCE is still displayed below FCKEditor after the FCKEditor plugin has been actived? ”

    Here is a solution that I came up with:

    Using your HTML editor, open up \wp-includes\general-template.php. Go to line 893 and replace “

  169. Regarding:

    “Has anyone experienced a bug with WordPress and the FCKEditor in which TinyMCE is still displayed below FCKEditor after the FCKEditor plugin has been actived? ”

    Here is a solution that I came up with:

    Using your HTML editor, open up \wp-includes\general-template.php. Go to line 893 and replace ‘

  170. Regarding:

    “Has anyone experienced a bug with WordPress and the FCKEditor in which TinyMCE is still displayed below FCKEditor after the FCKEditor plugin has been actived? ”

    Here is a solution that I came up with:

    Using your HTML editor, open up \wp-includes\general-template.php. Go to line 893 and replace |

  171. Hi! I am using your plugin on a number of not-for-profit websites (see and it is working fine except for one very minor problem.

    I have the plugin options for “Store uploads in this folder::” set to “wp-content/uploads/”. However when I do a file upload via the FCKeditor link dialog the uploaded file is actually stored in “wp-content/uploads/file/”.

    By the way the WordPress “Options–Miscellaneous Options–Uploading” setting is also set to “wp-content/uploads/”.

    I would like to have the uploads actually stored in the “uploads” directory not the “file” sub-directory.

    Any thoughts or help will be gratefully accepted.


  172. I was using the defaul workpress editopr till it came across this wonderful plugin of yours. Its a boon for a number of reasons. Suffice it to say its helped me in improving the productivity of my posts be quicker formatting my posts.

  173. I was using the defaul workpress editopr till it came across this wonderful plugin of yours. Its a boon for a number of reasons. Suffice it to say its helped me in improving the productivity of my posts be quicker formatting my posts.


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  175. Hi Dean i am using wordpress 3.1, you plugin is fantastic, i have only one minor problem, when i upload one image, upload fine but when i click in “Send to editor”, this buttom not working.



  176. Hey,
    i have install the Plugin. I’s great. – But i have a problem with the image uploads.
    All settings are like default. (wp/content/uploads
    Browse the Server doesn’t work. Uploads url: wp/content/upolads/image… but I don’t created this file, and I cant find the images on the server. Images wont by shown.

    So, I need help please.
    Sorry my english is terrible :-)

    See you

  177. Hi,
    i have update the Plugin from old version.
    I have a problem with the image uploads.
    All settings are like default. (wp-content/uploads/)

    the old version create a folder Image
    the new version create a folder image

    I can’t find the old images on the server.

    I try to set default Image (wp-content/uploads/Image/), but nothing!!!

    So, I need help please.

    Sorry my english is terrible…


  178. hi dean, i love your plugin, but on wordpress 2.3 doesn’t work at all.
    are you close to release an update?

  179. I’m having problems getting this thing installed on WP 2.3, I uploaded it to the correct folder but nothing shows up in the Plugins section of my site! I verified that plugins do work by installing the Google analyticator which does show up. What’s the deal?

  180. I love this editor. It offers great control over WP that the default editor just can’t give you.

    I have a suggestion though. I noticed it uses font tags to control image size and such. It’s just my opinion, but having it generate tags would make the results more customizable. I have tried span tags in the default editor and it works, so why not here?

    Just a suggestion.

  181. oh crap it deleted my example of the tag I wanted…lol sorry.

    I meant generating span tags to control it would be great. using css rules gives more control

  182. Hi, Great plugin. A little problem as acured since I started using it. My posts headings, that where rigt to left, has moved to the center, or left of the page. Since I wright in Hebrew, I need them to the right (rtl). Could you help me?

  183. Installed and activated this plugin with WordPress 2.3.1. But I don’t see the FCKEditor at all. Am I missing something. My permissions are set correctly. Any ideas?

  184. Is it possible to have a fix for the image’s “send to editor” ? It’s a nightmare to use ImageManager plugin to create thumbnail images.. if it’s possible if we can just use wordpress’ image upload feature but the rest is using FCKEditor..than it’d be perfect..

  185. Thanks very, very much for this Dean. The visual/code editor in WP was driving me BONKERS, deleting P tags without rhyme or reason (that I could find) and your plugin saved me. Thank you!

  186. How do I enable Spell Checker with this editor? I don’t understand the commands that are needed to make the specllcheck work. This is the only reason I downloaded this editor because spellcheck doesn’t work in 2.3.1 either :frustrated:

  187. I have installed FCK editor for WordPress. The proble is that the whenever i upload an image ,the image gets uploaded but when i say browse server,none of the uploaded files are shown in the window.But the same works when i run it locally( on a local system).
    Is it a server problem or is it FCK problem??

  188. I installed the plug-in for a client . I changed some permitions on a MAC OS X for allowing writing access to folders. Now I can not use the browser to upload files. The rest of Dean’s plug-in with FCK editor seems to work fine. Any suggestion how to fix this ?

    regards Rob Oudendijk

  189. Installed and activated this plugin with WordPress 2.3.1. But I don’t see the FCKEditor at all. My permissions are set correctly.
    Mac OS X 10.4.11, Safari 3.0.4
    Is there any solution?

  190. Great plugin Dean – I was having the same problem a bunch of folks on the WP forums were having – WP kept ignoring my tags altogether. WTF?

    Nice work, brotha’.

    As far as the editor not showing up (to those who couldn’t see it) – I can’t get the editor to work in Safari, but Firefox shows it just fine. Cool with me.

    Thanks – Josh

  191. I recently uploaded the FCKeditor for wordpress as well. I have a similar problem you do with the upload. I found a trick but it still requires a tweaking in the code (which still isn’t good for my clients).

    The upload seems to work but either WP or FCKeditor won’t create the link properly. The “send to editor” button doesn’t seem to work either.
    When I upload I just drag and drop the title over. the problem is that it doesn’t create the proper path as I’m using “pretty urls” and moved my blog homepage is set to the root.

    I am also having trouble with uploading images. It tells me I’ve been successful but I’ve got nothing there!?! And yes I created the images folder within the upload folder and given it the proper permissions.

  192. It was a problem to my FireFox browser, I managed to solve it by deleteting some profile’s files from HDD. All the js function now normally. Thanks.

  193. Hi. This plugin is great! But doesn’t work on Firefox beta 3+ :'(

    Can you update FCKeditor to newest version 2.5.1?
    If i rewrite plugin dictionary FCKEDITOR_FOR_WORDPRESS/FCKEDITOR/… with FCKeditor 2.5.1 it work on Firefox 3+ but with some error messages.

    Thank you man.

  194. A great idea, and one I’d love to try, but, when activated, all it does is eliminate the text area in the write post/page window and there’s no toolbar of any kind.

    I tried this in Firefox 2.0.11 and the latest Safari. No difference.


  195. Wooo~ It’s updated to 2.51~It’s GREAT Present for me in new year!!
    PS: i have checked 6 hours ago still with 2.43, but now is 2.51 ,it is surprise for me!
    WordPress Blogger need you!

  196. There is few problem.
    Firefox + IE: doesn’t work paste text from Word (and transformate formated text)
    Firefox: Click right mouse button in editor doesn’t work (only in IE)

  197. Thanks for this excellent plugin!
    The ‘send to editor’ button does not work. Changing browers won’t change it. You have to click the picture, copy the file location, and insert the pictures with the ‘insert picture’ button in the editor.
    Hope you can fix this soon :)

    Greetings from Nouk

  198. Hello
    very nice plugin, exactly what i was looking for.
    But at first sight i see one important problem. Is there a way to include tinymce editor menu ?
    If You have some plugins which are compatibile with tinymce ,there is a possibility to add plugins icon to editor menu (for example cformsII or download manager) which will not be visible in your wysiwyg menu.

  199. Gene i am using this plugin under 2.3.1 and ff2.0.0.11 also under IE 7 and IE6 works fine.
    So check your other plugins maybe some incompatibility, also cause of problem probably can be php server or sql server version.

  200. Server info:

    Apache 2.2.6

    PHP 5.2.5

    MySQL 5.0.45

    Anything else help?

    Yes, I agree there could be a conflict with another plugin, but the issue is, of course, that ones I’m using are essential to the site. But I can provide the list if that helps.


  201. thanks very good super blog aq ekle artık Hi. This plugin is great! But doesn’t work on Firefox beta 3+ :’(

    Can you update FCKeditor to newest version 2.5.1?
    If i rewrite plugin dictionary FCKEDITOR_FOR_WORDPRESS/FCKEDITOR/… with FCKeditor 2.5.1 it work on Firefox 3+ but with some error messages

  202. Still problem with this

    Internet Explorer 7
    1. send to editor (classic upload image)
    2. paste from word

    Mozilla Firefox 2+
    1. send to editor (classic upload image)
    2. paste as plain text
    3. paste from word
    4. paste
    5. style
    6. format
    7. font
    8. size
    9. images which i uploaded with editor aren’t in Browse all (standard upload image)

    Have you the same problem or it is only problem in my WordPress

  203. How can I turn off the css background which appears in fckeditor when I try to make a post – It seems to be importing the css background of the main site and this blocks out the content area window making it very difficult to add text etc. Any advice on this? Thanks!

  204. Hey – great plugin, but do you have any plans to enable the default wordpress image upload/browse “send to editor” functionality?

  205. I installed this for a co author who is uncomfortable with code editing, but I would still prefer to use the code editor. Is there any way to make this selectable user by user?

    Also I see nothing built in for adding the rel=” “. Is there nothing built in or am I just missing it?

  206. nice plugin – but had do deactive it, because IT DOES NOT RESPECT the individual users’ rich editor settings. My colleague likes to use WYSIWYG editors, I dont, but FCKeditor appears nevertheless!

    btw: it would be dead simple to implement a check if the user wants this / is capable to use this plugin or not: the WordPress-function user_can_richedit() does exactly that: returns true if the current user actually wants to use WYSIWYG and his browser’s capable to, returns false if first, last or both of this is not the case.

    cu, w0lf.

  207. I’d like to mirror one of the comments below – any chance that the “send to editor” facility from WP could be implemented so that I can easily add items I’ve uploaded previously? I prefer to use the minimal toolbar in FCK which means that the upload button on that isn’t visible unless I go to the options, change it, go back, upload, return to the options, change toolbar again… A little longwinded!

    Thanks :)

  208. Hey fella – bug report :)

    I updated from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1 and now whenever I update the options on the plugin page, I receive two errors:

    Warning: opendir(/homepages/8/d151455252/htdocs/1000Miles/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/fckeditor-for-wordpress-plugin/smiles/msn/) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /homepages/8/d151455252/htdocs/1000Miles/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/fckeditor_for_wordpress/deans_fckeditor_class.php on line 94

    Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /homepages/8/d151455252/htdocs/1000Miles/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/fckeditor_for_wordpress/deans_fckeditor_class.php on line 95

    Which is weird as – as far as I can tell – the directory does exist. The options update, however, seems to work fine, i.e. the changes I’ve made take effect.

    Also, I notice that the “Source” button has vanished from the Basic layout, which is a shame as it’s the button I used most often! Rolling back to 2.3.0 for now.



  209. Gah – ignore the bit about the error messages. I rolled back to 2.3 and I’m still getting them (wasn’t before) so it must be my database/file system.

    Still would be nice to have the “Source” button back on the Basic layout though :)

    In fact, if you fancy a whole new project, how about making the layout customisable? ;) Don’t worry – I’d not expect that till version 4!

  210. I tried to use this plugin, worked pretty good, but the options keeps getting removed from the posts. Any idea? WordPress 2.3.2 and I have the latest version of your plugin.

  211. I was wondering and I don’t have time to read all 500+ comments but is there a way to incorporate a plugin that allows you to add videos (such as google video, youtube, etc) to a blog entry. This seems not to have one or else I don’t know where to look. Please let me know if this is something I am missing or something that you can add to the next version.

    I LOVE THIS. It is awesome. Way better than the standard. Keep up the good work.

  212. Well I was using Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin which worked well for adding videos, but now I just activated THIS plugin and the Video plugin doesn’t show up. Is there a way to make the 2 compatible?

  213. great tool!! was wondering if it is compatible with lightbox js (for wordpress) because I cant make it work …

  214. Hi,

    when i try to browse the server looking for stored images from ‘Images properties’ toll, a pop us says:

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80

    Could you help me?

    thanks in advance


  215. A couple of glitches with it

    1. The view link overlaps the FCKEditor area when you are editing an existing post.
    2. The title text for each of the buttons doesn’t appear on any buttons beyond the first one that it did appear for.

    Beyond that it works great. Hopefully those issues will be ironed out.

  216. Hey, is there a way to do a simple line break, as opposed to starting a new paragraph? I don’t always want it to automatically double space between lines.

  217. How do you change the default font and size for the editor? I can’t seem to find the option for this.

  218. Hi Dean,

    Just installed latest version and coming up with error — Unknown toolbar item “wpMore” — everytime I load a page to edit. Could you help please?

  219. Hi

    Like Peter I have just downloaded latest version 2.3.1 / 2.5.1 and when I go to Write > Post I get the error

    Unknown toolbar item “wpMore”

    Any ideas? I saw the previous comments on an earlier version, where there were issues between folder names with capitals or lowercase but that has been fixed, so I’m not sure what it is this time.

    Many thanks


  220. Using your plugin and my clients are having much more success with it than the default POS. But I am also getting the wpMore error everytime I try to edit a post. Not a deal breaker for me, but an annoyance nonetheless. Just wanted to chime in with others.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  221. All you have to do to make the plugin work is open wpmore/fckplugin.js and replace all occurrences of wpMore with wpmore. Error goes away, and the plugin operates correctly (wp more button is there)

  222. Ouch, I gave the wrong file, sorry. Please disregard my previous comment, and if an admin here wants to remove it to eliminate confusion, please do. When you unzip or upload this plugin into your plugin directory, you create a directory called fckeditor-for-wordpress-plugin. In that directory is a file called custom_config_js.php. Open that file and replace all occurrences of wpMore with wpmore (I think there are 3 places it needs to be replaced). The error goes away, and the plugin operates correctly (wp more button is there). I actually think that the plugin will probably work fine with no errors on a Windows server (haven’t tried it though), because to a Windows server a wpMore directory and a wpmore directory are the same thing (case insensitive). However, after this little fix it should work on any OS.

  223. Hi Aaron D. Campbell, I tried your fix, and I get the same error, except now the error says “wpmore” instead of “wpMore”. =\ Any ideas? Thanks.

  224. i have install the latest from your site,
    when the post text area is loading i get this error:

    unknow toolbar item “wpMore”

    what i can do to fix it?

  225. I love your plugin. presently, i am migrating an old html site to a wordpress driven site. it would be tremendously useful if your plugin had a button that could strip font tags out of the stuff that i migrate over.

  226. dear sir this is very easy and fast. but how can we load a gallery in post or page and how can we insert html code in post and page. please tell me.

  227. I’m having the same problem with the wpmore and tried the fix listed by Aaron, but it did not work. Is there any update on a fix Dean?

  228. i have installed the latest vers. from your site,
    when the post text area is loading i get this error:

    unknow toolbar item “wpMore”

    what i can do to fix it?

    and how can i change to the normal html editor ?

    thanks for help

  229. The disable_preview function inserts a script that creates an error for pages that don’t actually have the fck editor present. deans_fckeditor_class.php line 280:
    document.getElementById(‘preview’).innerHTML = ‘ ‘;
    should be changed to:
    var preview = document.getElementById(‘preview’);
    if(preview) preview.innerHTML = ‘ ‘;

    Silly error I might add…

  230. I uploading more smiles and when i see in smiles page I cant see the scrollbar in the page
    how i fix it?? help me please…thanks

  231. What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. any time the editor is launched in the WP admin area
    2. editor seems to work ok
    3. but error message pops up

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

    Editor launches and seems to function fine, but error message pops up –
    Unknown toolbar item “wpMore”

    What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

    FCKeditor 2.5.1 – WP 2.3.3 – XP (SP2) with autoupdate

    Please provide any additional information below.

    Thanks, I love your editor. I use it on all my other websites, and it works great. But this new website is being a problem.

    Tried to submit this in the Google bug reporter, but the “submit” button was disabled.

  232. Hi,
    first of all, big cheers for the wonderful job! :)

    I have a problema with my wordpress website, but it’s probably just something I’m missing…

    I’ve created and edited a lot of Pages using FCKEditor, and I’ve uploaded moany images using it’s built-in image ulpoader and editor. I’ve done alla of this work on my local PC, and the uploaded it all on my server.

    The problem is that while WP changed correctly all it’s links from to, the images seemed to have retained their local address, and are thus invisible.
    (you can check this out by looking at any broken image property on

    Is there a way to avoid this behaviour or fix it, beside manual update of DB tables?

    Thanks a lot.

  233. Thanks for this awesome plugin. Works great. Was getting the wpmore error, but the fixes suggested in the comments here worked. Much appreciated.

  234. I would be most appreciative if someone would explain why some images when uploaded within WordPress end up being accessible as thumbnails via Manage -> Uploads. These can be easily deleted.

    Others end up as files (mostly jpegs) within the FCKeditor – Resources Browser. These are easily transferred on to web pages, but require using ftp to delete.

    Why do all uploaded graphics files not end up in the same area?

    Many thanks

  235. Hi
    I am using FCK v2.5.1 on WP2.3.3 and so far works fine under Windows Vista with FF, however tested under MacOS 10.5 it shows the FCK panel on top of the old WP WYSIWYG editor, which is quite confusing for the editors, as some buttons work and some do’nt. I tested it on FF and Safari and both seem to have the same problem. Is there a way to completely delete the old editors source files or maybe a fix for FCK?
    Thanks for your help

  236. I have a couple usability suggestions that you might want to consider in future updates.

    When your editor plugin is activated, it is active on the write page, but not when you edit comments. However FCKEditor does remove the default editing functions from the comment editing screen. So, I need to deactivate the your plugin to have any tools when editing a comment. I think it should either leave the default tools in comment editing in place, or also install your tools there when the plugin is active.

    The other problem is the size of the font. Your editor uses a smaller font than the WordPress default. For anyone with eyes over 40 years old. it is very difficult to read. Is there a way to increase the font ourselves? I could not find anything in the documentation or the plugin php files.

    Al together this is a great improvement to the editor. Thanks!

  237. Hey, just upgraded to the newest version you have here as well as WP 2.5

    I had no issues with your last version with WP 2.5 but with this latest update when I go into write or edit page/post I have a couple dialog boxes pop up…

    Unknown toolbar item “Blockquote”


    Unknown toolbar item “ShowBlocks”

    I don’t see any icons missing that I am aware of.

    Just wondering what is up


    PS. Also wanted to ask why there are always two image icons when I run your plugin?

  238. Using Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress plugin(V2.3.1) with WordPress 2.5 (under XAMPP local server at this time) when I update the FCKEditor configuration (via the Dashboard) I get the following message in the Settings page:

    Warning: opendir(C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress/wp-content/plugins/fckeditor-for-wordpress-plugin/smiles/msn/) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\fckeditor_for_wordpress\deans_fckeditor_class.php on line 94

    Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\fckeditor_for_wordpress\deans_fckeditor_class.php on line 95

    Any thoughts please?

    I’ve gone back to Ver. 2.3 (and fixed the ‘wpMore’ problem).


  239. I have now resolved the wpMore issue by opposing Aaron’s solution. Basically I renamed the wpmore folder to wpMore and then replaced ALL instances of wpmore with wpMore in the fckplugin.js.

    No issue any more!

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  241. Sorry – one more thing – how can you make the drop down box for anchors deeper – when using the create link tool – one page on our site has lots of anchors – and you cant get to them all/see them in that little anchor dropdown?

  242. Dean, I love this plugin and its the best yet I have come across. Only problem is it does not work with my favorite browser Opera. Can you fix that or offer some tips on fixing it? It would be much appreciated if it works in Opera.



  243. Hi, the last FCKEditor (2.31) editor dos not appear in WP 2.5 with WP_Multilingual plugin (or without same happen), I can only see a very small window “Post/Page”, but no editor ! We have reinstalled the plugin, but same… We have changed the MySQL to utf8_unicode_ci, but still not working, what could be the problem ? Thanks in advance…

  244. Is there any progress towards a new version of the plugin to go with WordPress 2.5? Your Plugin Ver. 2.3 does not work properly with WP 2.5.


  245. Hello,

    Is “directions” going to be implemented in the new version.
    I mean “rtl” and “ltr”?

  246. hi there plugin but :

    Does anybody know if tis script is compatible with WordPress 2.5?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

  247. Hello, thanks for the great plugin but I have a problem.. I upgraded to 2.4.1 manually since the automatic update failed. I tried changing the theme or something and got some PHP errors, now when I go to Write the editor does not load. I tried deactivating, deleting the folder and re-uploading and activating it and the problem remains. I am using WP 2.5 – Please help, I love your plugin and wish to continue using it if possible. As you know, after using FCKEditor the default WP editor just doesn’t compare!


  248. i am having exactly the same problem.. i upgraded to the latest version of your plugin today manually and after doing that when i try to write a new post it just locks up the post window and doesnt load and i cant write anything. if i disable it i get the default editor back but ive tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin but no matter what it just doenst show up anymore

  249. oops didnt see your post right after. nvm… it works now thanks!

    i am trying to use geshipro which is a plugin for fckeditor but when I make the changes, the plugin button does not appear. i tested it on a standalone version of fckeditor and it works.. can you help?

    ive uploaded the plugin to the plugins folder of the editor and then added:

    FCKConfig.Plugins.Add( ‘geshipro’, ‘en’ ) ;

    FCKConfig.AutoGrowMax = 400 ;

    and then replaced this line to look like this:


    when I go to write a post the new option for geshipro is not there

  250. Hello, I just love this plugin,
    BUT I can’t reach my pictures I already has on my server, and when I try to use wp:s add media/picutre I can see the pictures on the server but can’t get them in to the post. I really want to use this editor, it’s the best I have tried.
    I use wp 2.5 and I have firefox, the error says:

    error creating folder:
    “/customers/” (mkdir() [a href=’function.mkdir’)> funktion.mkdir]: Unable to access

    I have tried to create this image folder manually in wp-content and change the chmod to 777 but it’s don’t helps, I can’t get it to work.

    I really hope this is something you can tell me what to fix, I am not so good on this but I can try if I know to write or do.

    kind regards

  251. Hi
    I upgraded to the last version of the plugin today. But when I try to write a new post, the window gets locked up by the editor.
    I can see that I have the same problem as Dan, but I couldn’t find the solution.

    I hope you can help.

    You are welcome to contact me at my email.

  252. twitter, if you’ve upgraded and your editor is locking up the window then clear your browsers cache and temporary internet files and it will work. thats what fixed it for me.

  253. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on this great plugin. I just did a fresh install of newest release (v2.4.1) on wp 2.5.1 installation. I am not able to use any of the Add Media features in wp. The pop-up works and I can add media to the gallery (image for instance) but when I click Insert in Post the box becomes blank and just freezes there until I close the pop-up box. But the image is not inserted in post. I’ve cleared cleared cache, deactivated/re-activated but nothing seems to work. I’m also using most recent release of Firefox (I’ll try in IE). Any suggestions?



  254. Hello !

    Just a question : why are there two different versions both called 2.4.1 ? If you check the version linked on Google code and the one linked on WP, they are not similar. Different paths, different sizes…


  255. Hi Dean.

    I download the last version but can’t configure the plugin.
    I’m get the follow error (using Firebug), so I try in IE too and get the same error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/codejun/public_html/paulo/wp-content/plugins/multilingual-posts/multilingual.php on line 179

    Thanks in advanced for your time.

  256. Thanks for this plugin.

    Firefox on Mac OS X. When pasting from Word (for Mac) or TextEdit all formatting (centering, bold, italic) is lost.

    Any one seen this?

    Any solutions anyone?

    (btw – I tried Safari and IE on Mac, but they do not even manage to display the editor)

  257. how does one remove images from the server? For instance if you use the image insert featured and add an image, when you upload one it stays in there, what if you want to delete it completely for space, besides going through the ftp how would you do it?

  258. Had to deactivate because in visual editing mode it made a mess of my page by removing all of my s and s. I have a lot of CSS tied to s. Even with it deactivated, now the regular wordpress editing opens in code editing and then les than a second later changes to to visual editing (which it didn’t bfore FKC) and removes all my s and s , so I have to close out of the page to prevent any changes, and open another page and then it’s back to normal.

  259. Had to deactivate because in visual editing mode it made a mess of my page by removing all of my paragraph tags and break tags. I have a lot of CSS tied to paragraph tags. Even with it deactivated, now the regular wordpress editing opens in code editing and then les than a second later changes to to visual editing (which it didn’t bfore FKC) and removes all my paragraph tags and break tags, so I have to close out of the page to prevent any changes, and open another page and then it’s back to normal.

  260. How do we upgrade FCKeditor seprately (current vers is 2.6.1) so we dont have to rely on plugin releases?

    Also, can we install FCK plugins per the FCK website?? Specifically, I want to know how to get this to work with the CKFINDER plugin.

    Or, alternatively, is there any way to get this plugin to work with the ImageManager plugin from soderlind — ??? Ultimately, that is my goal, but the above options were workarounds…

  261. Great program FCK thanks for your time and the fact is is GPL software but cannot get the damn thing to work properly in firefox. Had the known problem of fck stripping tag in firefox fixed by editing fckconfig.js now it strips the text from in between tags leaving the tags intact but no text I think it was stripping meta tags also until i added code to preserve these? Seems to work fine in Explorer.

  262. its a great plugin… but with Flickr Photo Album for WordPress v0.97.1 I had a little conflict… did not place the image into the post… plz can you check it? (I used the latest wordpress)

  263. Hi there,
    Know anyone how plugin to use if I want only a part of the article to be displayed? If someone want to read more there will be a “read more” link… Can anyone help?
    On my blog right now is displayed all of article content and I don’t want this…

  264. Thank you very much for this great plugin! With a little bit of editing it is easy to add more custom button layouts!

  265. Hi! I have the same problem as Kristina. I can’t customize the toolbar. My changes initially worked but afterwards the editor doesn’t load. I tried both IE and Firefox. No error messages, just blank space. I tried everything I could think of, can you post a guide how to customize the toolbar? Thanks!

  266. Hi all, please tell me how to install FCK editor in wordpress mu. Because I have tried all the step in readme, but, I could not see FCK editor in plugin management. Thank you.

  267. Hi all, I can’t install it to wordpress mu. Tell me how, cause I’ve tried all step but I couldn’t see FCK editor in plugin mangement page.

  268. There seems to be a problem with inserting images using WordPress’ media uploader!
    It’s a shame I have to disable this plugin because it’s incompatible with the WordPress upload function!

  269. It would be great, but inserting images does NOT allow you to add any space around the photo. That makes it unuseable, because you have to have some vertical and horizontal space when there is text. Anyone have an answer for this?

  270. My “Add Media” links for 2.5 don’t work with this plugin. That would be nice to see working.

  271. I sometimes get the following error message in WordPress 2.5.1, when accessing my account from IE7:

    Line: 40; Character: 968; Error: Access denied; Code:0; URL: ../wp-content/plugins/fckeditor_for_wordpress/fckeditor/editor/fckeditor.html?InstanceName=Content&Toolbar=Default

    This happens when I click on a page I want to edit, and what I get instead is just blank space where the Editor is supposed to show up. Interestingly enough, however, if I log out and then log back in again (with or without cleaning history, cookies and temporary files), the problem disappears and FCKEditor works correctly.

    There appear to be more people having this same kind of problems: check out the following URL:

    Interestingly enought, the URL affected from the error appears to be always the same…

  272. I have recently spent a fair amount of time browsing for a WYSIWYG Editor plugin to implement on the ILSU Wps website. While, in fact, tinyMCE is not all bad, it does sometimes display awkward behavior when switching from the Visual to the HTML view. Plus, it keeps messing up , and tags.

    I ultimately opted for Dean’s FCKEditor WordPress Plugin, since it features an up-to-date version of the FCKEditor sotware, featuring a user-friendly interface to perform ordinary maintenance tasks (such as uploading images or files in a specific folder on your server) and displaying the ability not to mess up those tags which tinyMCE gives problems with.

    However, my fear is that, since this plugin rests for now on the shoulders of one man (Dean Lee, whom I personally thank for giving birth to the plugin in the first place), it might one day cease to be regularly updated to future versions of FCKEditor and WordPress. After all, this is what (so it seems) happened to the Xinha4WP plugin, a WordPress implementation of the Xinha open source editor, which “died” at version 1.2 beta.

    In my view, the problem with one-man plugins is not so much that users do not improve them: quite on the contrary, I am fairly sure that, as with all Open Source software, there exist scattered groups of people working on the plugin code. However, the problem is that all such ”tweaks” (which may often consist of important bug fixes) rarely get by to a larger audience, meaning that plugin-hackers keep their findings and changes to themselves, and might not – actually – even regard themselves as developers. This, however, chills any incentive towards the creation of a truly integrated social network of developers. In fact, the countless but de-centralized efforts of many ultimately do not go into the generation of newer and better versions of the plugin. Moreover, original developers might get bored of constantly receving bug reports and help requests from less tech-savvy users, and might ultimately decide to give up the regular updating of the plugin altogether (after all – I believe – one thing is developing, another is implementing, which sometimes requires personalized care and might therefore be annoying to individually perform for free). Newbie users will further get discouraged by a plugin that contains long-known-but-never-fixed bugs, and ultimately look somewhere else, or just bend their head, and submit to tinyMCE.

    Hence, I believe that, if one truly believes that FCKEditor deserves to stay in – and keep up with – WordPress (which – in my view – might become in the near future the CMS, for its incredible ease of use), the only way to keep this piece of software alive, and to have it survive the interests of its originator, is to set up a developers’ website, where users familiar with the relevant code may submit and, most importantly, share bug fixes, to be ultimately integrated in newer versions. It is only by joining the decentralized efforts of many toward a single goal that it might be possible to achieve it, otherwise, they’ll just disperse.

  273. The option to turn on the Firefox spellchecker seems to be broken in the most recent version. It will spell check the first word of the post, but anything after that can be spelled wrong without any sort of warning. That’s not good for something so important in a blog.

  274. Nice PlugIn!
    Have you ever considered to put the smiley-collection of “famfamfam” into the standard package?! :)

  275. Hello!!

    This plug-in support for WPMU?
    Rather, is to customize for WPMU.

    But, Background-color tag is lost.

    Otherwise, in very handy, we have used.

    The cause is something possible?

    Help me would be greatly appreciated.

  276. I’ve got a issue when I try to insert an image inside the post. I am using WP 2.6.1 with FCKEditor plugin 2.4.1:
    It never insert the image. When I use the default editor, it works.

  277. Hello, I’ve got problems with some symbols: (‘) (-) (“). What could I do to make sure they are published correctly. I am using the Multi Lingual Plugin as well as FCK editor. Thanks!

  278. “WordPress readmore” works bad.. Insert readmore link into post, save and reopen this post. “Readmore” image is not displayed.

  279. I’m having problems with IE 7 not saving. It works fine every where else, but if you edit in IE 7 it will not save. FCK 2.5 wordpress 2.6.1

    any ideas?

  280. Getting the following error when loading a “Write Page” page which loads the FCKEditor.Can’t click in the edit box either. Please advise thanks.

    Error loading “” (HTTP Status: 404).
    Do you want to see the server response dump?

  281. Hello,
    I use this editor since 3 weeks. It`s an good editor, better than the standard.
    But ever I will save a new post, an error occur
    Error 500 – Internal server error

    Can you please help?


  282. i want to ask where can i make the utf-8 to gb2312 ,i am chinese ,my english is so poor ,soory!if you can help me ,please email to me think you! my email

  283. I tried to activate your plugin but it says I have a fatal error: WP2.6.3….Any ideas why?

    Warning: main(/homepages/33/d160120526/htdocs/mydomain/wp-content/plugins/../../../wp-config.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/33/d160120526/htdocs/mydomain/wp-content/plugins/deans_fckeditor_class.php on line 3

  284. Everytime I activate your plugin and then want to write a new post, the following line appears:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in /is/htdocs/wp1124310_OXHJYP36OR/simcombat/wp-content/themes/SimCombat/404.php on line 13

    When I delete the T_ENDWHILE in the 404.php, the Post-Window shows me my website. It is no text-editor. When I deactivate the plugin, the standard editor works again. Can you please help me, I really like to use your editor because of the p and br probs in the standard editor!? Thanx


  285. Just installed your FCKEditor For WordPress. Expecting to have problems (just the nature of life) and it works! Not only works, easy to intall, and everything I’ve tried to do works. I just want to thank you and to tell you how it’s changed my outlook on life! Now, I feel like I’m have some control again.

    Thank you.

  286. ih here ! I’m really thankfull for this plugin, it help me with the f..king line break problem on the original tinymce …

    but it also have another small problem, the firefox corrector doesn’t work anymore when I right click on a underlined text.

    Any option to fix this ? :)

    PS : sorry, english isnt my native languange as u can see :)

  287. Just installed the plugin. Works great for the admin. But in any account that is created the default editor also shows up.

    Any Ideas???

  288. Hi!

    I just downloaded the plug in and installed it but when I try to write a post in my WP 2.3 installation (lots of other plugin installed to…) the editor doesn’t show up and IE7 says Error: FCKEditor undefined row 295 wp-admin/post-new.php, it does not show up when I try to edit old posts either.

  289. Hi :)
    I download it, but it doesn’t work for me.
    I’ve got newest WordPress, 2.6.5
    I put fckeditor folder to plugins, but in Admin Panel I don’t see this.

  290. I am having a problem with the image upload using the latest version of WPMU & your Editor.

    When I goto upload an image from my computer it just hangs there for infinity and never actually uploads the image. Any clue how to fix this?


  291. Suggestion: add a “WordPress next-page” (inserts a in the body of the post) button near the “wordpress read-more” button.

    You can also modify the behaviour of “insert page break” button, including in itself.

    It will be very apreciated


    Sorry for my english

  292. -EDIT-

    Suggestion: add a “Wordpress next-page” (inserts a in the body of the post) button near the “wordpress read-more” button.

    You can also modify the behaviour of “insert page break” button, including quicktag in itself.

    It will be very apreciated

  293. i am having problems with the plug in. I installed it, activated it, but it dosent show up? any help would be appreciated
    thank you

  294. 兄弟,这个编辑器上的分页按钮一直就不起作用,我一直在用的2.41版就不起作用了。而默认的编辑器可以通过手动添加分页代码,在WP2.7版里实现分页功能,不知道FCKeditor要怎么改才能实现分页功能呢?我非常喜欢这个编辑器,烦请拨冗解答一下好吗?

  295. hello, thanks for the great plugin. it’s worked great — until recently, when i upgraded a site to wordpress 2.7 and tried to install this plugin afterwards. will it be working for 2.7 soon? thx.

  296. I am testing on WP 2.7.1 Firefox 3.0.6 Mac OS 10.5.6 Latest version of Flash (does this use flash?). I have disabled everything but Akismet and FCKeditor, and it does not show-up I just get a blank box.

    Any ideas on where the conflict is coming from?

  297. Oh, I done it!
    Just change fckconfig.js as follow:

    FCKConfig.SkinPath = FCKConfig.BasePath + ‘skins/office2003/’ ;

  298. Hi, I am using WP 2.7.1 and the wpmore button is no longer showing up in the default display of the FCKeditor… I’ve seen it work before, so this is driving me crazy! :) I’ve even uploaded the FCK files from other sites I know it works on and it always omits that particular icon. Do you know why this is? Is there a fix?

  299. IE8 上面有的文章無法切換到 “Source Code” 的檢視
    我發現似乎文章大一點就不行切換 , 小文章卻可以切換
    當無法切換的時候會有 JavaScript Error

    使用者代理程式: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    時間戳記: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 08:58:57 UTC

    訊息: ‘this.Elements[…].outerHTML’ 是 null 或不是一個物件
    行: 32
    字元: 15030
    程式碼: 0

    訊息: ‘this.Elements[…].outerHTML’ 是 null 或不是一個物件
    行: 32
    字元: 15030
    程式碼: 0

    但 FireFox 卻無此問題

  300. 我終於知道 “Source Code” 按下去發生 javascript 錯誤了
    如果文章中有使用到 wp_more 的功能
    就無法用 “Source Code”
    不論 IE7,IE8 都會有錯誤耶

  301. Hello, guys, is there a way to insert php-code while using that plugin? I have tried in-line-php, php-exec plugins. Everytime after saving, all dissappear. :-(

  302. It seems that this plug-in, which I need for my multi-lingual blog, is removing the default “media” insert.
    The “Build-in File manager and upload manager” makes it impossible to use images with the plugin “eshop”, because the “Build-in File manager and upload manager” does not allow to sort files uploaded by “date folders”.

    Can the “Build-in File manager and upload manager” be disabled? or upgraded to do the same as the Media upload (allowing to attach the file to the post as it uploads it)

  303. I really like this plugin! One problem I have had though – When I edit an already published post for the FIRST time after installing this plugin, all the line breaks/paragraph breaks are removed. All the text is run together. If I go through and reformat the post correctly and republish is, it is fine from then on.

    This is a pain to have to do. Can this be fixed?

  304. 老大,这个插件怎么不能把远程的图自动变成本地的呢?这个是一个遗憾啊

  305. Hi,

    When I copy say, a pic that’s also a hyperlink to another location on my site from one post to the one being edited, it changes into a relative link. I want it to be an absolute link so I was wondering how I would enable that automatically by default.

    Thanks for the awesome plugin, because the regular WordPress sucks puppy paws. The stripping of br tags in my posts was just squemish

  306. I’ve installed the FCK Editor on a WordPress site. It works fine except for the Image uploader. I get a message:

    The server didn’t reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.

    What configuration is this, and what should it be set to?


  307. Este blog não se propõe a alcançar meta alguma, nem tampouco observar limite de algum tema. O caos, tal qual nossas vidas, permeia as observações nele contidas. Hoje, o que ele é, amanhã, poderá não ser mais.

  308. I have heard that this is a great editor and it seems to be from the demos but i cant get it intalled. The instaltion seems fine but its not listed in the pluggins?? Many posts say it doesnt need to be which is fine except the basic wordpress editor is still there. Of course many posts say that there is nothing more to the installation but other talk of modifying some files. Of course theres no instructions anywhere for this?? Ive installed servers worldwide but this has me stumped. Of course i dont have a spare 20 hours to work this out from scratch. If anyone has a set of instructions installing this in wordpress that works please let me know.
    Thanks Alan

  309. I’ve installed it and done a great looking page, only to find that the page isn’t valid and doesn’t show up in anything but firefox! Took ages to instal what a waste of time!

  310. Hi

    Just thought I would let you know that the editor does not work in google chrome 3.0. Tested the editor in IE7, IE8 and Firefox and all worked fine.

    The editor fails to update a page when you saved nor will it add new data to a blank/edited page

  311. Can you explain why an “editor” role could not update a page even if shown as that person’s page but the administrator can make the update?

    I even tried creating a new page by way of the “editor” role login and they still cannot update the page. When I removed the Dean’s FCKeditor and activated TinyMCE, the “editor” role could update the page.

  312. 1) How Can I change the text “Read the rest of the entry” to my own language?

    2) How Can I delete the “#more-15” that appear at the end of the “Read the rest” link?

    Thanks a lot !

  313. Can you help please?? When I write a post on my page, I’m then happy with the result, UPDATE POST…. but nothing happens, it doesn’t update??? I have them on private settings so should be able to edit… Why is this happening?

  314. The plugin for WordPress is a terrific tool, but I would like to prevent it from stripping ‘on*’ (e.g., onclick) and javascript events if at all possible. (My WP install is self-hosted)

    I found an old post ( which mentioned altering


    however I am unsure whether that is within a config file for WP itself or the plugin.

    Any advice offered would be much appreciated.



  315. Further to my question of July 1 2009 – I discovered you can install a plugin called “You Can Javascript” (search for it in plugins).

    Now everything works perfectly…



  316. It’s not compatible with WP 2.8.1 …
    Message when editing an side:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /www/htdocs/ on line 1762

    Message after saving an side:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /www/htdocs/ on line 1762

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/ in /www/htdocs/ on line 865

  317. Looks like this plugin has not been worked on for awhile. It would be nice if there were more of the default settings that could be customized. Would be nice to be able to easily change the default font properties.

  318. Any chance this plugin will be updated or should I submit it to MaxBlogPress and see if they will/can fix it?

    I like this editor and would really like to use it.

  319. FCKEditor for wordpress I just install the WP plugin… but the “read more” buton does not apear.
    Is that possible to install it (as a plugin for exemple?)
    I use a WP 2.8.3 version

  320. I have a real problem: Cannot browse the server.
    1- here are the symptoms: In a post, click on insert image, browse server, and no file or folder appears, i cannot navigate to my folders and files
    2- With one of the “fix” I found : … d_Uploader
    I can browse, but when i select an image file, the URL returned is wrong: … 00×132.jpg
    when the directory I am browsing is: … 00×132.jpg

    Is there a clean fix or setting in the config.php that will work properly?


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  322. Gday,

    Did you ever think about starting your very own blog? There are many excellent platforms, but by far the best is WordPress. It is easy to set up, however the themes just never fit my desires. I looked for a simple solution to this problem and realized that there wasn’t one. I then had a template custom made for my needs and was so happy with the outcome. I then decided to build a website that would show the world how to simply hire an expert in wordpress design.

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  323. Pingback: Anonymous
  324. I have the same problem as Alan above and have even seen his name in several other places requesting help with the same issue.

    Since there have been no solutions offered for him, I’m putting my plea for help in with his in the hopes that somebody can fix this sucker and help both of us out!

    Alan, if you see this on here and you’ve got a fix, please let me know mate, I’ve been in need of this one for a while.

    Judd Exley

  325. The FCK Editor is a great plug-in for WordPress users that want robust editing features. Some of our seo clients swear by it’s ease of use.

    Thanks Dean Lee for this plug-in!

  326. Great plug in but I don’t see how I can input HLML code. Can you help.

    Also you may know…. I’m looking for a free plugin (or theme) to create a sales page (without the distracting side bars or comments areas)

  327. Will we have any update of this wonderful plugin to work with the latest version of WordPress(2.8.4) along with the latest FCKeditor i.e CKEditor 3.0? Please update this plugin.

  328. Thank you, thank you, thank you at last now I don’t have to battle with the generic wordpress editor

    You are the best!

    Ian Howard

  329. Good morning,
    When will it be compatible WP2.8.4,
    He is incompatible with the plugin MailPress, why??? Thank you

  330. And most importantly to let you know that your generosity in keeping this plugin free, and diligence in developing it has helped a free site that aims to spread wise words of life to be more effective in its tasks. May God bless you further.

  331. The new version of this plugin (V3.1) does not work in our german WordPress installation. The plugin does not apear and we are unable to edit posts and pages if Dean’s FCKEditor is activated. After deactivating the plugin all works fine – but well, not as comfortable as with an older functioning version ;-)

    Any solutions?

  332. Version 3.1 works perfectly with the theme Paalam ( but does not work with the theme Arthemia ( )!!!!
    The plugin does not apear and we are unable to edit posts and pages if Dean’s FCKEditor is activated.

    The older version works great operational

  333. I can’t manage to get the Read More to be visible.
    On the config the wpmore line is commented. Is this normal?

  334. I liked FCKeditor much better than tinyMCE and I like CKeditor even more. So I’m thrilled to be able to use it with WordPress.

    The only changes I would like to see is removing tools from the default toolbar that are irrelevant or do not work in a WordPress environment (Save, New page, Preview, Print, Image, Flash).
    Also, the Link -> Browse server generates an error. I’d remove the Browse button from that dialog box unless you can somehow connect it to the WordPress page/post list.

  335. Hi,
    I noticed the “more” button for wordpress is missing in the newest edition. If not, can you tell me how to find it?

  336. First of all thanks for the updates.

    In the newest release, custom color pallet is missing. Therefore its not possible to add our own color in WYSIWYG mode. Could you please bring back custom color selector?

    Thanks in advance

  337. hello, i’m trying to remove the automatic tag around text areas. I read in the ck editor forum that you can modify the config.js file but it didn’t work… do you have any ideas ?
    thank you so much for your time.

  338. So my laptop got a virus and I had to totally clean it out and delete everything. Once finished, I downloaded iTunes again and went to sync my iPhone but my songs did not show up in the music library. How do I get my old songs in my library with just my iPhone without have to erase any of my songs? Please and thank You!

    unlock iphone 3gs

  339. Hi, firstly thanks for this amazing editor. I used in my site (password protected because it is a project for now). I installed FCK Editor with WordPress Thread Comment but when i try to reply a comment FCK Editor shows a null message and if try to change it, plugin doesn't allow. Is there any solution for that problem? Regards…

  340. Hi Love the latest versions… just having a few head aches which not sure why happening.
    1. After using the editor for about 5 mins if I move down within an area of text in WYSIWYG mode the editor cursor shakes left to right and I am unable to select an area of text to work on, very strange?!!!
    2. Sometimes when I attempt to delete a selected area of text in WYSIWYG mode it doesnt do anything… so I have to go into Source mode and delete. Any ideas?
    3. The ability to see the borders on a table where the border was 0 and in WYSIWYG Mode it was dashed was a useful option, any chance you can put in as an option in the settings so that users can decide to have a dashed line to represent the tables border while in the editor.
    4. When using a UL it creates large areas space before and after the previous lines…?
    5. Large space is positioned before and after using a table, any ideas?

  341. I am not sure but it seems that possibly the new version of the editor has somehow stopped comments from actually getting through to the site for approval and display. I heard from a user that their comments hadn't appeared and I see no sign of them being in the "awaiting approval" bin. Tried to post a comment myself and same result. The only new update that I've run has been the fckeditor so it's clearly on my list of "maybe this is the cause." Can't see why though. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  342. Yup – the problem is the FCKeditor. I removed it entirely from my site and then reloaded it with version 3.1. Comments now work perfectly. So there's something odd going on with this new FCKeditor for the comment pane I guess.


  343. Hi, does anyone know if is possible to insert a "link rel"?
    Thank you all in advance and sorry for my english.

  344. Ahhh, figure it out again!  Sorry, you can delete both of these.  I had a custom config set up — so I needed to add it and to spell it exactly like you have it in your php file — wpMore.

  345. I have the same problem as many others, fckeditor blocks people from replying on comments by showing a "null" message in the text, would be great if this could be fixed!

    I think 3.1 was the last working version.

  346. Hi, thanks for your nice plugin, since it's hard to read 1041 comments to find my answer I think it's better to ask it… excuse me if it's been repeated:

    1- Word colours do not apply in published post.
    2- I want to bring fckeditor in popup comments form the same as the usual comments form. as you might know there is a comments-popup.php in wordpress that makes the comments appear in a popup window. how can I apply fckeditor in this popup form?


  347. So my laptop got a virus and I had to totally clean it out and delete everything. Once finished, I downloaded iTunes again and went to sync my iPhone but my songs did not show up in the music library. How do I get my old songs in my library with just my iPhone without have to erase any of my songs? Please and thank You!

  348. I like your editor very much, but there is a real big problem: I have installed 3 plugins (Page Flip Image Gallery, GD Star Rating, ProjectManager), they adds buttons to the normal editor, Your editor don't show then. I hope you kann fix this.

  349. Is there a way to make the editor default to Source mode in the Add New Posts area of my WordPress blog? Anything I can add or delete from the plugin's code? I don't use WYSIWYG for creating posts b/c the formatting gets messed up too much. I got the plugin to use for my Comments. Thanks to anyone who can help!

  350. I have a real problem. I installed FCKeditor along with WordPress Download Monitor which inserts something like [download id="3" format="3"]. But FCKeditor changes it to [download id=&quot;3&quot; format=&quot;3&quot;]. This makes WordPress Download Monitor doesn't function properly. Hope you fix this.

  351. i’m using fckeditor + syntaxhighlighter evolved.i have a problem ,when i switch from source editing mode to visual mode in fckeditor an then back to source mode, fckeditor always messing my code with html tag in syntaxhighlighter tag
    my code
    my code
    my code<br />
    my code<br />
    anyone have idea how to escape/prevent fckeditor altering my source code?

  352. I like this editor very good setup.  The only thing is all my plugins that add buttons to the original editor are now gone how do we go about getting this back and is there a solution?

  353. Bug: when logged in as a contributor, the default WP "Save Draft" buttons does not update the post, but using the save button on the editor will. works when logged in as an administrator.
    appreciate any help i can get

  354. I downloaded your plugin and uploaded it in the dashboard of wp
    got this message: The plugin does not have a valid header.
    can u help
    this looks great and i want to add it!!

  355. I like this editor very good setup.  The only thing is all my plugins that add buttons to the original editor are now gone how do we go about getting this back and is there a solution?

  356. I love your editor, but in wordpress it keeps changing my codes when going back and forth between editor and source.

    Example: keep changing the " to &quot; in the Wp Audio files, which renders it unusable.

    I hope you fix this, because otherwise your editor is far superior to Tine MCE.

  357. After changing editors on my WPMU site Zemanta is not finding the editor. Can you help?
    Zemanta is a new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user. Any user-created text (a blog post, article or web page) is directly “read” by Zemanta, which recognizes all contextual content. Zemanta then combs the web for the most relevant images, smart links, keywords and text, instantly serving these results to the user to enrich and inform their content. What’s more, Zemanta can be deployed on all major content publishing platforms and web browsers through a simple plug-in.

  358. I am trying to change the default font-size of the editor. I cannot find any documentation, and have been messing with config and CSS files for an hour.  I just want to make the fon 14pt, and cannot find out where to do it. It's hardly intuitive.

  359. Not sure if my comment took.  I want to change the default font size for the editor, and can't find any documentation that addresses this.  I have tried every theme js and CSS file and still can't changed the font.

    What to do?

  360. First of all tnx a lot for this plugin!
    I didn't find any faq and it is hard for me to read comments in english trying to find question and answer that could solve my problem.
    Plz tell me how could i make editor's panel show buttons of other installed plugins.
    p.s. sry for my english (

  361. This plugin fixed a lot of problem! It can now handle the newline without any problem now. However, I found some problem:
    1. The resize function is not working properly. When you resize the editor, and then resize your browser to a smaller size, the button will go behind the sidebar widget. I currently set the resize_enabled as false as workaround.
    2. I can't use qTranslate and SecondaryHTML plugin.

  362. I use Zamanta for content. It suppose to load in the admin of my blog back-in. I updated with your editor and Zamanta is not finding the editor. Where should I tell Zamanta my editor is located? Ideas?

  363. Terrific tool, but when I switch to source, any PHP within the code gets stripped… I have tried to figure out how to prevent this, but to no avail.
    It's super-tedious, and only happened when the switch from FCKEditor to CKEditor (last version change, from memory)… doubtless it is in the settings file somewhere… will keep looking.

  364. I shoud mention – I looked at the CKEditor API and added the line below to config.js…
    config.protectedSource.push( /<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g );

    That didn't appear to do anything.



  365. Great plugin right here, works as described.  I used it when building <a href="" alt="watch tv shows online for free">watch tv shows</a> online for free – made the job a breeze!

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  367. Hi for some reason the image button doesnt do anything when I click on it. Before I upgraded to the latest version it would try to upload a file and would stay on the uploading page for ages without doing anything. Now that I have upgraded the image button doesnt seem to be responding to me when I click on it – any help please

  368. Pingback:
  369. An excellent little editor – thanks for making it freely available!

    There is, though, a problem for Firefox users.  For reasons best known to themselves, the Firefox development team have made it extremely difficult (but not impossible) to cut/copy/paste in a rich text editor. Even Microsoft gives you the option to do this in IE.

    What advice would the FCK developers give to a user who really, really wants the cut/paste/copy buttons to work in Firefox + WordPress?

  370. Small bug – when using fckeditor, formating for photos/graphics does not work correctly. I tried to put a border on a photo and it did not work. Deactivated and used WP media editor – worked great.
    Other than that – it's a great editor.

  371. Deen,

    This is a GREAT tool mate!  Ads a lot more options than the standard wysiwyg in WP; thanks for bringing out such a great tool mate!
    Cheers & Happy New Year!

    Aaron Young

    SmackDown Technologies

  372. The plugin is a bit overzealous in that it loads its JS code on every page on the back-end. This has caused problems with a theme that I have developed which makes use of the Thickbox code. Essentially, if your plugin is active, the Thickbox becomes horribly broken.
    I fixed this issue by simply adding a modification to the plugin code to selectively load its JS code. The change is simple and works well. A diff of my modification can be found here:
    Note: The modification was done to version 3.3.1 of the plugin code.

  373. The plugin could be great, but is failing in some basic things. Why everything has to be encoded like using old standards while UTF-8 wouldn't be a problem?
    I also would like to see an option to use theme-based user defined css classes for the content.
    And when it comes to security, this is the only plugin that doesn't allow moving wp-config.php out from the site root directory (public_html etc).
    I wish it had more options to configure :)

  374. Hi,
    I installed the 2.9.1 wordpress version and the plugin has a strange behaviour.
    The editor works perfectly on comments posts and new article, but not when modifying the articles…
    Did I miss something ?

  375. Hello Dean,
    since I created my site I've been using this great plugin and I'm glad that I have it. But currently there's a little problem. The comment box looks a bit out of order. On the right side, the inner frame containg the message box and the button crosses the outer frame, which looks a bit odd. In the options I can only find a tool to fix the height of the box. How can I fix this? Do I need a certain stylesheet?
    (For an example, please have a look here at the bottom of the page:
    Greetings from Germany,

  376. The editor just fails to work at all for me. I'm running WP 2.8 and the only plugins I have activated besides your editor are:
    * Akismet
    * Twitter for WordPress
    * Ultimate Google Analytics
    But after I activate your editor all posts show as blank (though their word count is correct) and the editor toolbars never appear.

    I installed this plugin on another site yesterday and it went fine.

  377. I loved this plugin so much, that I am using it permanently on my blog.
    But, I would like to see one font in it, I like the font Calibri [or Colibri, I am not sure]. This font is much more readable than most others I know, and I cant see any other way to use it on my blog.

  378. I have used and loved the FCKEditor for quite a long time. Now I see that it is not compatible with WP2.9.1.
    The change to CKEditor has left quite a problem. It is not recognized by WP as a plugin and although I would love to continue to use your product I am unable to find a way to get it into my WP Admin so that I can use it.
    Can you help?

  379. Hi all. If you have an entitle problem then solution is easy. (Entitle Problem is: when you write any unicode character like latin,greek etc and look into code part your character is transform into ASCI type (like &abcd;)) To block it, just open ckeditor.js (in /fckeditor-for-wordpress-plugin/ckeditor/ directory) file and go to line (my version is Dean's FCK 3.3.1) then find these codes:
    and convert to
    This modification fix your problem except special characters like gt lt quote nbsp..
    I am trying to solve it.. Best regards.
    To Dean: I've asked a question about conflict with WordPress Thread Comment (in 104th page of comments), is there any solution for that? Thanks right now.

  380. One of the things I really loved about FCK was being able to customize it to pull in the site's stylesheet and make it truly WYSIWIG.  But now I see that I can't edit anything like the fckconfig.js, fckstyles.xml and the editarea files I used to.  I guess I'll keep using the old version I have, though I was very excited to see that the new version added a "more" button. 

  381. I'm being told there's a problem with the captcha: sometimes it says invalid security code and prompts for re-entry and then the re-entry either results in a 2nd entry with extra html codes in it or it tells the submitter it is a duplicate entry. So it is now disabled on my blog.

  382. I love this plugin. The only issue I have ever had is the width drag at the bottom right of the typing box. Does anyone know if it can be disabled?

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  384. Wow I was trying to add CKEditor to WordPress and your plugin just does that! :D
    But it seems to not support threaded comments reply. When I click on the link and #commentform is moved to the borrom of the replied comment, CKEditor shows a null nessage and stops working.
    Is there a way to fix it? If I remove the feature of moving commentform near to repied comment it works, but I'd like to have both!

  385. senti,mi chiamo claudio,che ne pensi di questi tre broker? mi daresti un consiglio su quale scegliere dei tre?: alpari(uk) iamfx e forexplace4xp! grazie!

  386. I also love your plugin.  It doesn't appear to work with the Flutter plugin, though.  Is this something you will add?

  387. I am having problems to embed youtube videos and image galleries using lighbox and similar wordpress plugins… can you put support for these in your plugin?

  388. 請問,利用FCKEditor上傳圖片時,現在圖片都被預設在image資料夾下,像==>/wp-content/uploads/image/
    有沒有可能不要放在image目錄下,而是按照Wordpress原本預設的 /wp-content/uploads/2010(年)/02(月)/ 呢?

  389. 請問,有沒有辦法將預設圖片上傳的網址,不要放在image資料夾裡呢?

  390. I think we should speak in English,though a lot of visitors are chinese.
    Why there are Chinese words in your editor?Isn't it a foreign-lauguage plugin?

  391. 我靠,我一直认为这是外国人的网站,原来是中国人的?