wp-comments-notifier:a wordpress comments notifier

wp-comments-notifier is an open source application written in QT/C++ that alerts you when new comments are posted on your WordPress blog (works well with WordPress MU too), It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have new comments,It also includes features that allow you to manage/reply/edit your comments directly from your desktop.

Download win32 binary here

Download wp-comments-notifier

Build wp-comments-notifier on Unix
From the toplevel source dir, run the following commands:
make install

You need Qt 4.2 or higher to build wp-comments-notifier,If a packaged version of Qt is not available for your OS (or if you want debug symbols in your Qt libraries), you will need to build and install Qt 4.2 yourself. See the Qt instructions to find out how to do this.

How to enable comment notifier for other blog platform

wp-wordpress-notifier use WordPress XMLRPC API to communicate with the blog server.if you want to use this application with other blog platform,you can simply modify the code,or implement the following XMLRPC API on your blog system:


if you find it useful, a time saver,or even just mildly interesting,then my effort was worth it.
if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I’d love to hear it.

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  3. 只要是使用utf-8来存储/输出中文内容的话,都能正常显示。可能你的blog安装的时候,数据并不是以utf-8格式来存储的?

  4. can i get the code for this program, please?.other wise I have trouble when add  stringsearch.dll on my project:
    "a reference to 'C:\Windows\System32\stringsearch.dll' could not be added. please make sure that the file is accessible, and that is a valid assembly or COM component"
    please, help me. big thanks.

  5. I cannot install it. After entering all the info and clicking “next” it gives me “an unexpected character” window. All of my letters are english alphabet – no underscores, hyphens, brackets asterisks, etc. Any solution?

  6. I cannot install it. After entering all the info and clicking "next" it gives me a window saying "unexpected character". All of my letters (including the blog URL) are normal english alphabet – no brackets, underscores, slashes, hyphens etc. Any solution?
    Thank you.

  7. Could you possibly provide a link/way to download the source code directly as you do with the Windows binaries? (like a tarball for example?) and include "Makefile" as well otherwise there's no way to build it.

  8. Like Bjorge I'm not able to build the program under Linux. Would it be possible that you give some more infos howto build it on Linux? Thanks, Christoph

  9. Doesn't compile on linux, it looks for windows.h which can be obtained through the wine development packages, but even then it will not compile.
    Don't bother downloading if your running linux.

  10. 那个那个,我用这个软件,输入我的博客地址后总是显示无效验证?请问下这个是怎么回事啊?后台的XLMPC的那个已经够选了~

  11. Like Bjorge I got the source from svn but I didn't find a makefile…
    Is there the possibility for you to provide it, along with a configure script if possible, it would be great…
    thanks for your work…

  12. i love this!!! i hope someday it can be better. I think if this software includes the stats overview in wp dashboard, it will be a really nice…

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  15. found – c:\Users\ddd_PC\wp-notifier\config.xml 
    problems with cyrylik  –  <blog_name>Жизнь – Путь – Дело – Итог…</blog_name>

  16. There are quite a few steps to making your theme work with nested comments but the easiest thing to do to start off is open up your theme’s

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