Sorry for the lack of supports for my projects

First of all,Many thanks to all of you, who have encouraged me to update my articles and code, and who sent in bug reports and fixes.

I get a lot of comments and emails for support of my projects, and I try to answer almost all of them. but I'm sorry to say,that Due to my work schedule and limited free time,I don't always have the time to answer every question I get asked.but I guarantee that I'll reply every real bug reported and will fix it ASAP.Thanks for your understanding.

Here you can find some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last few months.

Public available projects (licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.):

Free commercial projects:(Developed during my free time)


EWave is a microblogging service,used for private communication within organizations.

 image is a free SSL-enabled openid server,combined with some social network features that let users connect with each other.


Logmicroscope is a High-Performance,Real-Time website analyer written in C/C++ and Assembly Language,maybe the fastest analyer you've ever seen;), it's free for both personal and commercial use.


35EQ is an enterprise instant messaging system with centralized administrative controls for larger corporations.fully integrated with mail and and contacts.