What I’m doing and what will be done

With months of development during off-duty time,I had created an web-based Microsoft SQL Database administration tool in C/C++,which codename is "Labrina".


With Labrina , you will do through a browser almost everything you did before with MS Enterprise Manager.It is intended to handle the administration of SQL Server databases over the Web. It allows you to fully manage your databases even when you don’t want or cannot use MS Enterprise Manager.

key features included:

  • High-Performance Web Application based on IIS and ATL server.
  • High Scalability. Labrina can easily scale from one user to hundreds of users.
  • Fast and efficient programming and database usage.
  • High security.All codes were full tested and were compiled with the the /GS compiler switch.
  • Unique Free design tools.you can design your table freely just like what MS Enterprise manager did.
  • Customize the look of every page to fit your specifications using standard HTML.
  • Easy to install.

WHY C/C++ for web-based application?

the short answer is : why not?

more modern programming languages,such as c# ,can often lead to very inefficient programs.I stand by the principle that: "Small Is Beautiful".so for me that means writing Labrina in c/c++ with the smallest and fastest code possible.

What will be done?

Labrina will be open source after the first public release.


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