wp-comments-notifier:a wordpress comments notifier

wp-comments-notifier is an open source application written in QT/C++ that alerts you when new comments are posted on your WordPress blog (works well with WordPress MU too), It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have new comments,It also includes features that allow you to manage/reply/edit your comments directly from your desktop.
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rOptiPng:an modification to OptiPNG to support recursive directory optimization

rOptiPng,hosted on google code, is an modification to OptiPNG to support the optimization of multiple directories with recursion,making it easier to use,especially when optimizing many image files in different directories,such as a website.

Download roptipng

To optimization of multiple directories recursively with rOptiPng,simply by using the ** wildcard in file path.
for examples:
roptipng **/*.png
roptipng c:\photos\**\*.png
roptipng c:\photos\**\*.png d:\website\**\*.png
roptipng c:\photos\**\image8.png


if you find it useful, a time saver,or even just mildly interesting,then my effort was worth it.
if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I’d love to hear it.